Lost Pages Title Contest

In support of Claude Lalumière’s forthcoming The Door to Lost Pages, ChiZine is running a contest to provide names of imaginary books. Two winners will be selected, one by voters, one by Lalumière. The two grand-prize winners each get a free, signed, limited-edition hardcover copy of The Door to Lost Pages, and ten postcards featuring their winning entry. The contest is open from February 17 through March 15.

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Peter Watts Healing

Canadian science fiction author Peter Watts is healing after contracting necrotising fasciitis late last week. The disease, commonly known as the flesh-eating disease, has been treated and Watts is believed to be clear of the bacteria. He will remain in hospital for some time and will not have direct internet access during that time.

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Obituary: Len Lesser

Actor Len Lesser (b.1922) died on February 16. Lesser appeared as a guest star in several science fiction and fantasy television shows, including My Favorite Martian, The Wild, Wild West, The Munsters, The Outer Limits, and Land of the Giants, but is probably best known for his non-genre role as “Uncle Leo” on Seinfeld.