Obituary: Jackie Cooper

Actor Jackie Cooper (b.1922) died on May 3 Cooper began appearing in films in 1929, when he was 7 years old and received an Academy Award nomination when he was nine for the title role of Skippy. Cooper is perhaps best known for portraying Perry White in the four Christopher Reeve Superman films from 1978-87. He also appeared in episodes of The Twilight Zone, Tales of Tomorrow, and The Invisible Man. In addition to acting, Cooper was also a director, working on The Adventures of Superboy and the pilot for Holmes and Yo-Yo.

Renovation Masquerade E-mail Glitch

A recently discovered glitch in the e-mail set-up for Renovation’s Masquerade director means that e-mails sent to the masquerade address over the last four months were not being delivered. Kevin Roche notes that he has looked through the archive and has identified several messages that need responses, but he wants people to know that if they didn’t receive a response, it was because the mail never got delivered. The glitch has been corrected.

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Glastonbury Conference for the Fantastic in Literature

Write Fantastic has announced the Glastonbury Conference for the Fantastic in Literature, to be held at The Grail Centre, 24 Chilkwell Street in Glastonbury, United Kingdom on September 3. The event will run from 10am to 6pm and will feature Freda Warrington as guest of honor. Other speakers will include Dr. Liz Williams and Paul Weston. Attendance is £20.

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Rosenberg Trial Date Set

At a preliminary hearing on May 2, Joel Rosenberg’s trial date for his December 8, 2010 arrest on felony dangerous weapon at a courthouse and misdemeanor contempt of court was set. Rosenberg’s lawyers argued that City Hall is not a courthouse, but merely contained a single room which was used as a courtroom. Rosenberg’s trial will begin on August 8.

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