Translation Award Nominees

The finalists for the 2010 SF & F Translation Awards have been announced. The winners will be announced at the 2011 Eurocon in Stockholm on the weekend of June 17-19 with both author and translator receiving a prize of US$350. The jury for the awards was comprised of Terry Harpold, Abhijit Gupta, and Dale Knickerbocker.

Long Form

  • The Golden Age, by Michal Ajvaz, translated by Andrew Oakland. Original publication in Czech as Zlatý Věk.
  • The Ice Company, by G.-J. Arnaud [Georges-Camille Arnaud], translated by Jean-Marc Lofficier and Randy Lofficier. Original publication in French as La Compagnie des Glaces.
  • A Life on Paper: Stories, by Georges-Olivier Châteaureynaud, translated by Edward Gauvin. Original publication in French.
  • Four Stories till the End, by Zoran Živković, translated by Alice Copple-Tošić. Original publication in Serbian as Četiri priče do kraja.

Short Form

  • “Wagtail,” by Marketta Niemelä, translated by Liisa Rantalaiho. Original publication in Finnish as “Västäräkki.”
  • “Elegy for a Young Elk,” by Hannu Rajaniemi, translated by Hannu Rajaniemi. Original publication in Finnish.
  • “Bear’s Bride,” by Johanna Sinisalo, translated by Liisa Rantalaiho. Original publication in Finnish as “Metsän tutt.”
  • “Midnight Encounters,” by Hirai Tei’ichi, translated by Brian Watson. Original publication in Japanese.

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