Obituary: Barry Polonsky

Chicago area fan Barry Polonsky (b.1964) died on October 10 after a battle with cancer. Polonsky, who was known as “Oneleggedman,” was an attendee at many Chicago area science fiction conventions and was an active organizer of the Chicago Speculative Fiction Community.

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  1. Chris Krolczyk — October 11, 2011 @ 6:11 pm

    I’m not too good at this sort of thing, but I might as well leave an edited copy of what I said on the official funeral provider website:

    “I knew Barry primarily through science fiction fandom, and although he’s been sick for more years than even a handful of people would tolerate, he had a sense of humor and energy that belied his illness, especially if you ran into him in person as I did when he was working pre-reg at Capricon a few years ago; he’ll be greatly missed.”

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