Con-Version Cancelled

Con-Version, a Calgary, Canada science fiction convention, has announced the cancellation of both their 2011 and 2012 conventions with no announced plans for events beyond that time. Con-Version was founded in 1984 and in 1996 hosted the Canvention. The 2005 Con-Version was held in conjunction with Westercon.

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Contraception Cancelled

Contraception 23, an adults-only convention scheduled to be held in Kansas City the weekend of October 21-23, has been cancelled for this year. The con’s website notes that pre-registrations were low, but the convention is expected to resume next year with Contraception 24: Steampunk.

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SMOFCon Scholarships

CanSMOF Inc. has announced two recipients of scholarships to help con-runners attend SMOFCon 29 in Amsterdam this December. Catherine Crockett of Toronto, Ontario and Megan Totusek of Maryville, Missouri will each receive scholarships of $1000 to help them attend.