Ellison Drops Lawsuit

Harlan Ellison has dropped his lawsuit against Andrew Niccol’s film In Time. Ellison had previously alleged that In Time was based on his short story “Repent Harlequin! Said the Ticktockman,” and there was an erroneous report that the suit was settled. Ellison has now seen the film and decided to voluntarily dismiss the action. Despite earlier reports, including on this site, at no time was Ellison promised payment or screen credit on the film.

Night Shade Probation Lifted

SFWA has announced the lifting of the probation period for Night Shade Books. Night Shade was placed on probation on July 8, 2010 after irregularities surfaced in Night Shade’s contractual fulfillment and rights. Night Shade has worked closely with SFWA during the intervening period to ensure that the infractions were rectified. Fiction contracted during that probationary term is acceptable for qualification for SFWA membership.

Fantasiknovelltävlingen Winners

The winners of the 2011 Fantasiknovelltävlingen (Fantastic Short Story Competition) were announced. The Fantasiknovelltävlingen has been running in Sweden since 2000 and is sponsored by SKRIVA, a writer’s list. First prize receives €100, with second prize receiving €50 and third receiving €30. Case prizes were donated by Novellmästarna. For the first time, all three prizes were won by women.

  • 1st Prize: “Tåg,” by Susanne Samuelsson
  • 2nd Prize: “Bortom Brahms,” by Caroline Jensen
  • 3rd Prize: “Grus i maskineriet,” by Marita H. Linkkruus

Gaylactic Spectrum Winner

The Gaylactic Spectrum Award for Best novel, recognizing excellence in speculative fiction with GLBT themes, has been presented. The organization has announced that short fiction will only be announced every other year, with 2011 and 2012 fiction grouped together. The winner of the Best Novel award is Under the Poppy, by Kathe Koja.

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Terri Windling Fundraiser

Editor, author, and artist Terri Windling, who runs Green Man Studios and has edited numerous anthologies, many in collaboration with Ellen Datlow, is undergoing a major financial crisis brought on by health and legal issues. To help Windling out, several of her friends, including Datlow, Neil Gaiman, George R. R. Martin, Brian Froud, and more, are auctioning off goods and services.

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Obituary: Ken Russell

Director Ken Russell (b.1927) died on November 27. Russell directed the films Altered States, The Lair of the White Worm, Gothic, and the Who’s Tommy.

Chicon 7 One Day Membership Sale

Chicon 7 has announced a one-day sale on memberships for Cyber Monday, November 28. On that day, adult attending memberships purchased on line will be on sale for $15 off the current membership price. Family memberships will be on sale for $30 off the current membership price. The deal only applies to new memberships and is only good on November 28.

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Obituary: Anne McCaffrey

Author Anne McCaffrey (b.1926) died on November 21 following an heart attack. McCaffrey, who was best known for her Pern series, had her first story published in 1953. McCaffrey won a Hugo Award in 1968 for the first Pern story, “Weyr Search” and won a Nebula the following year for “Dragonrider.” In 2005, she was named Grandmaster by the SFWA and is an inductee into the SF Hall of Fame. Other works by McCaffrey include The Ship Who Sang and its sequels, The Crystal Singer and many more. McCaffrey worked on several collaborations with younger writers over the course of her career.

Star Wars in Montreal

LucasFilm has announced that a new Star Wars exhibit, Star Wars: Identities, will open at the Montréal Science Centre on April 19, 2012. The interactive exhibit will examine the biological and social forces which determine identity and will also include numerous iconic props and costumes for the Star Wars series.

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Obituary: John Hawkins

Agent John Hawkins (b.1939) died on November 13. Hawkins founded John Hawkins & Associates, one of the country’s oldest literary agencies. His clients included Tananarive Due, Joyce Carol Oates, Alex Haley. In 1976, he is believed to have negotiated the first million dollar advance for James Clavell.