A Fan in Parliament

Swedish fan Amelia Andersdotter has been permitted to take her seat representing Sweden in the EU Parliament. Andersdotter was elected to Parliament in 2009 representing the Swedish Pirate Party, but owing to internal EU red tape only now been able to claim her seat.

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TAFF Winner Announced

Jacqueline Monahan has been announced as the winner of this year’s TAFF Race to send a North American to Europe. Monahan will attend Eastercon. Monahan beat Warren Buff and Kim Kofmel in a three way race. Vote tallies have not yet been announced, but the number of ballots received doubled in the final week of voting.

Doctor Who Episodes Found

Two missing episodes of Doctor Who have been discovered. The third episode of the William Hartnell serial “Galaxy 4” has been found, making it the only known episode of that serial’s four episodes to be known to exist. In addition, the second episode of Patrick Troughton’s serial “The Underwater Menace” has been discovered, meaning that now two of that serials four episodes are known to exist (the third episode appears on the “Lost in Time” DVD set).

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Private Rocket to ISS

NASA has announced that SpaceX has been given permission to dock the Dragon capsule with the International Space Station. The Dragon will be carried aloft by the Falcon 9 Rocket on February 7, contingent on final safety reviews, testing and verification of the craft.

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Obituary: Euan Harvey

Fantasy author Euan Harvey succumbed to cancer on the morning of December 9. Harvey began publishing short fantasy in 2007 when “The Tao of Crocodiles” appeared in Realms of Fantasy. In the years since, Harvey published seven additional stories in that magazine. His story “Kamaratunga’s Masterpiece” is slated for publication in a future issue of Black Gate.

Obituary: Jerry Robinson

Comic artist Jerry Robinson (b.1922) died on December 7. Robinson is best known for co-creating Robin, the boy wonder, and creating the Joker. Robinson also worked on the creation of Alfred and Two-Face. Robinson began working for Batman creator Bob Kane in 1939. In the 1970s, Robinson worked to get credit for his friends, Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster for their part in creating Superman. Robinson is in the Comic Book Hall of Fame and has received lifetime achievement awards from the Cartoon Art Society and the National Cartoonists Society.

Obituary: Russell Garcia

Jazz musician Russell Garcia (b.1916) died on November 20 in Kerikeri, New Zealand. Garcia scored numerous films including Atlantis, the Lost Continent and George Pal’s The Time Machine. In 2009, Garcia, who was born in Oakland, California but lived for many years in New Zealand, received the Queen’s Service Medal for his musical work.

Tesseracts Seeks Stories

Editor Mark Leslie has put out a call for short fiction by Canadian authors for Tesseracts 16, the theme of which is Parnassus Unbound. Stories should have art, music, literature, and cultural elements that is central to the story. Stories can be a maximum of 5,000 words and the deadline for submissions is February 29, 2012.

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Obituary: Susan Palermo-Piscitello

Fan Susan Palermo-Piscitello (b.1952) died on November 23. Palermo-Piscatello was active in fandom in the early 1970s, taking pictures that appeared in The Monster Times and working for the company that brought Japanese monster films, including Battle for the Planets and Time of the Apes to the US. She was among the first bartenders at CBGB and was in the band Cheap Perfume. She had recently returned to fandom after several years of gafiation.

Obituary: Marion Dougherty

Casting director Marion Dougherty (b.1923) died on December 4. Dougherty cast the films Slaughterhouse-Five, The Lost Boys, Batman and Batman Returns, Ladyhawke, and dozens of other films. In 1987, she won the Hoyt Bowers Award from the Casting Society of America.