Rhysling Nominees

The Rhysling nominations have been been announced the the Science Fiction Poetry Association. The Rhyslings are presented to recognize excellence in speculative verse.

Short Poems First Published in 2011

  • Mary Alexandra Agner, “Venus to Her Terraformers”
  • Camille Alexa, “Young Miss Frankenstein Regrets”
  • Erik Amundsen, “The Lend”
  • Elizabeth Barrette, “The Shipwright’s Song”
  • Robert Borski, “Abel”
  • Bruce Boston, “The Music of Robots”
  • Rich Boucher, “Response to Botticelli”
  • G. O. Clark, “Peter and Alice”
  • P. S. Cottier, “Fingernails”
  • Becca De La Rosa, “World’s End”
  • James S. Dorr, “Monkey See”
  • Denise Dumars, “Folding Money”
  • Martin Elster, “My Unicorn”
  • Timons Esaias, “Dark Matter”
  • Kendall Evans, “Dragon”
  • Angel Favazza, “Clothes of Yesterday”
  • Janis Freegard, “Yayoi Kusama goes to Iceland”
  • Lyn C. A. Gardner, “In Translation”
  • T. M. Göttl, “Bridges”
  • Neile Graham, “The Bean-Sidhe Calls in Owl-Light”
  • Neile Graham, “The Ones Outside Your Door”
  • John Grey, “Mr. and Mrs. Goodnight”
  • Sandra Kasturi, “Ode to the Mongolian Death Worm”
  • Roz Kaveney, “Fembot”
  • Keith Kennedy, “First Loves for the First Time”
  • Nicole Kornher-Stace, “The Witch’s Heart”
  • B. J. Lee, “The Tortoise’s Encounter”
  • Greg Leunig, “Love in the Quantum Era”
  • Shira Lipkin, “The Library, After”
  • C. S. MacCath, “When I Arrived, This Is What She Said.”
  • Elizabeth R. McClellan, “Down Cycles”
  • Dawn McDuffie, “Thank God for Proust”
  • Joanne Merriam, “Love in the Time of Alien Invasion”
  • Kurt Newton, “Nuclear Stockpile Janitor”
  • Scott Nickell, “Response to Poe’s ‘Sonnet—To Science'”
  • Juan Manuel Perez, “Vanity”
  • Tim Pratt, “Lion Heart”
  • Sofía Rhei, translated by Lawrence Schimel, “The Magic Walnut”
  • Matthew Richards, “Ravel: An Etymology”
  • Andrew Rihn, “The Physics Major Agrees to Take the English Major Stargazing”
  • Ty Russell, “The Seas of Time”
  • R. Paul Sardanas and Tisha Garcia, “Luna Satyricon”
  • Ann K. Schwader, “the more space”
  • Ann K. Schwader, “Past Human”
  • Alexandra Seidel, “Lanterns”
  • John W. Sexton, “slit sea cucumber”
  • Marge Simon, “The Human Guest”
  • Marge Simon, “Visitors”
  • Robin Spriggs, “The Elusive Language of Purple Birds”
  • Heidy Steidlmayer, “Grendel’s Mother”
  • W. Gregory Stewart, “idiointerventionist (or, ‘but I interrupt myself’)”
  • Anna Sykora, “Dead Hotels”
  • Sonya Taaffe, “Taking the Auspices”
  • James E. Tolan, “Red Grown”
  • Mary Turzillo, “Graffiti Tree”
  • Mary Turzillo, “Moving to Enceladus”
  • Anna Waite, “To the ancients, the sea was a dangerous place”
  • Kyla Lee Ward, “The Kite”
  • Gerald Warfield, “A Greater Moon”
  • Jacqueline West, “Escaping the Dawn”
  • Neal Wilgus, “A Modest Suggestion”
  • Stephen M. Wilson, “Angel’s Den”
  • Stephen M. Wilson, “Christogenesis”
  • Greer Woodward, “Closure”

Long Poems First Published in 2011

  • Mike Allen, Sonya Taaffe, and Nicole Kornher-Stace, “The King of Cats, the Queen of Wolves”
  • Erik Amundsen, “Desfixion”
  • Megan Arkenberg, “The Curator Speaks in the Department of Dead Languages”
  • Elizabeth Barrette, “The Cathedral of the Michaelangelines”
  • Dana Bell, “Welcomed Cast Outs”
  • Robert Borski, “Gavage”
  • Bruce Boston, “Surreal Fortune”
  • g. sutton breiding, “Letter from the Golden Age”
  • Benjamin Cartwright, “Terraforming Mars”
  • G. O. Clark and Kendall Evans, “The 25-Cent Rocket: One-Quarter of the Way to the Stars”
  • C. S. E. Cooney, “Postcards from Mars”
  • Lyn C. A. Gardner, “The Chant of the Black Cats”
  • Lyn C. A. Gardner, “The Witch Girl”
  • Albert Goldbarth, “Summary: Kinetic vs. Potential”
  • April Grant, “Wallpaper”
  • Sally Rosen Kindred, “Wendy Darling Has Bad Dreams”
  • Rose Lemberg, “In the Third Cycle”
  • Shira Lipkin, “The Changeling’s Lament”
  • Elissa Malcohn, “The Last Dragon Slayer”
  • Helen Marshall, “Beautiful Monster”
  • Helen Marshall, *Skeleton Leaves: A Collection*
  • Elizabeth R. McClellan, “The Walking Man Goes Looking for the Sons of John: Six Cantos”
  • Joanne Merriam, “Tender Aliens”
  • Mari Ness, “Snowmelt”
  • Paul Park, “Ragnarok”
  • Sofia Samatar, “Girl Hours”
  • Alexandra Seidel, “A Masquerade in Four Voices”
  • Nancy Sheng, “Guan Yin in the Garden”
  • Michael Shorb, “Ahura Mazda”
  • J. E. Stanley, “Speaking to the Hangman Is Not Permitted”
  • Mary Turzillo, “The Legend of the Emperor’s Space Suit (A Tale of Consensus Reality)”
  • Catherynne M. Valente, “The Melancholy of Mechagirl”
  • Catherynne M. Valente, “The Secret of Being a Cowboy”
  • JoSelle Vanderhooft, “Blood, Snow, Birch and Underworld”
  • Caitlin Meredith Walsh, “Initiation”
  • Kyla Lee Ward, “The Soldier’s Return”
  • Shannon Connor Winward, “All Souls’ Day”
  • Greer Woodward, “Ribbons of the Sun”
  • Xanadu (Ofnguyenfame), “Mood of Mind (I)—*Tu Bi Hi Xa*”

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