BFA Special Awards Nominations Announced

The British Fantasy Society has appointed three special juries to give out awards for artist, non-fiction, and the PS Publishing Independent Press Awards at FantasyCon in Brighton on 30 September 2012. Tee jurors and nominees are listed below.

The PS Publishing Independent Press Award:

Jurors: Sandy Auden, Peter Crowther, Nicholas Royle, Peter Tennant, Darren Turpin

  • Chomu Press, publisher Quentin S Crisp
  • Gray Friar Press, publisher Gary Fry
  • NewCon Press, publisher Ian Whates
  • Spectral Press, publisher Simon Marshall-Jones

The Artist Award:

Jurors: Guy Adams, Anne Sudworth, Christopher Teague

  • Ben Baldwin
  • Vincent Chong
  • Les Edwards
  • Daniel Serra

The Non-Fiction Award

Jurors: Djibril al-Ayad, Roz Kaveney, Adam Roberts

  • Lest You Should Suffer Nightmares: A Biography of Herbert Van Thal, by Johnny Mains
  • Supergods: Our World in the Age of the Superhero, by Grant Morrison
  • Nightmare Movies: Horror on Screen since the 1960s, by Kim Newman
  • Studies in Terror: Landmarks of Horror Cinema, by Jonathan Rigby
  • Case Notes, by Peter Tennant

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