Aurealis Awards

The winners of the Aurealis Award, presented North Sydney’s Independent Theatre were announced on Saturday, May 13.

  • Fantasy Novel: Ember and Ash, by Pamela Freeman
  • Fantasy Short Story: “Fruit of the Pipal Tree,” by Thoraiya Dyer
  • Science Fiction Novel: The Courier’s New Bicycle, by Kim Westwood
  • Science Fiction Short Story: “Rains of la Strange,” by Robert N Stephenson
  • Horror Novel: No award was presented in this category.
  • Horror Short Story (tie): “The Past is a Bridge Best Left Burnt,” by Paul Haines and “The Short Go: a Future in Eight Seconds,” by Lisa L. Hannett
  • Young Adult Novel: Only Ever Always, by Penni Russon
  • Young Adult Short Story: “Nation of the Night,” by Sue Isle
  • Children’s Fiction (told primarily through words): City of Lies, by Lian Tanner
  • Children’s Fiction (told primarily through pictures): Sounds Spooky, by Christopher Cheng (author) and Sarah Davis (illustrator)
  • Illustrated Book/Graphic Novel (tie): Hidden, by Mirranda Burton (author and illustrator) and The Deep: Here be Dragons, by Tom Taylor (author) and James Brouwer (illustrator)
  • Anthology: Ghosts by Gaslight, edited by Jack Dann and Nick Gevers
  • Collection: Bluegrass Symphony, by Lisa Hannett
  • Peter NcNamara Convenors Award: Galactic Suburbia podcast – Alisa Krasnostein, Alex Pierce, Tansy Rayner Roberts, Andrew Finch (producer)
  • Kris Hembury Encouragement Award: Emily Craven of Adelaide

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