SF Missing from Temple University

Several rare volumes of science fiction have been stolen from the Science Fiction and Fantasy Collection of the Temple University Libraries. First editions by Isaac Asimov, Edgar Rice Burroughs, Philip K. Dick, H. P. Lovecraft, and Jules Verne were among those listing as missing as of August 2012. Anyone with knowledge of these volumes, or other volumes which may rightfully belong to the University, should contact Margery Sly, Director of Special Collections, at msly@temple.edu.

Obituary: Sebastian Peake

Sebastian Peake (b.1940) died of an heart attack on September 6. Peake is the son of author Mervyn Peake and Maeve Gilmore. He was instrumental in maintaining his father’s estate and ensuring the continuing interest in the elder Peake’s literary and artistic works. Sebastian Peake was also involved with British fandom.

Obituary: Vincent van der Linden

Editor Vincent van der Linden (b.1934) died on September 1. Van der Linden worked as an editor and publisher at the Netherlands publishing house Bruna Publishing. he helped introduces the works of Philip K. Dick to the Netherlands. he also edited the Ganymede anthology series. Van der Linden was the recipient of the DAP Reinaert literary award and the King Kong Award.

Obituary: Diane Brown

Fan Diane Brown (b.1921) died in late May. Brown was a founding member of ICON Science Fiction, Inc. and began volunteering for I-CON 13. She helped establish the Moskowitz Award and ran I-CON’s author track for several years before illness caused her to step down. In 2006, she received the Secret Master of I-CON Award.

WSFA Small Press Award Finalists

The finalists for the 2012 Washington Science Fiction Association (WSFA) Small Press Awards have been announced. The awards are given annually to recognize excellence in short fiction originally published in small press venues. This year’s winners will be announced October 12-14 at Capclave.

  • “Flowers in the Shadow of the Garden,” by Joanne Anderton
  • “Lessons from a Clockwork Queen,” by Megan Arkenberg
  • “What Ho, Automaton!,” by Chris Dolley
  • “A Militant Peace,” by David Klecha & Tobias S. Buckell
  • “The Patrician,” by Tansy Rayner Roberts
  • “Yesterday’s Taste,” by Lawrence M. Schoen
  • “Sauerkraut Station,” by Ferrett Steinmetz
  • “The Cartographer Wasps and the Anarchist Bees,” by E. Lily Yu

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James White Judges Announced

The judges for the 2012 James White Award have been announced. This year’s panel will include Aliette de Bodard, Andy Cox, Andrew Hedgecock, and Ian McDonald. Cox and Hedgecock are the publishers of Interzone, which publishes the winning story each year and McDonald was one of the award’s first judges, returning for a second stint. The James White Award is an annual short story competition open to non-professional authors. This year’s deadline is December 16.

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Hugo Award Ceremony Rebroadcast

Chicon 7 and Ustream have announced plans to rebroadcast the entire Hugo Award Ceremony from last Sunday at 7:00 CT on Sunday, September 9. The original stream was interrupted when the ceremony was incorrectly tagged as violating copyright for airing video clips Chicon was authorized to show. The broadcast will subsequently be available from the same channel on an on-demand basis. Ustream has also offered additional support and publicity for the streaming of future Hugo Award Ceremonies for upcoming Worldcons in San Antonio, TX (2013) and London, UK (2014).

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ChiZine Announces Teen Imprint

ChiZine Publications has announced a new imprint focusing on Young Adult fiction. ChiTeen will launch in the Spring of 2014 with The Unlikely But Totally True Adventures of Floating Boy and Anxiety Girl, by Paul Tremblay and Stephen Graham Jones. ChiTeen will offer the same dark and weird stories as the works ChiZine has previously published, but with subject matter more suited for a younger audience.

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Chicon 7 Film Festival

Nat Saenz coordinated the film festival at Chicon. This year’s judging panel was comprised of John Hickey, David Kania, Bill Frazier, and Nick Wagoner. The Battelle SF Club served as a focus group judging films. 125 independent short films and 8 independent feature films were screened from 17 countries. The festival was coordinated by Nat Saenz. The following films received awards at the film festival.

  • Best SF&F Feature Film: Pig, directed by Henry Barrial
  • Best Horror Feature Film: Nailbiter, directed by Patrick Rea
  • Best Animation Short Film: Paths of Hate, directed by Damian Nenow
  • Best SF&F Short Film: The Centrifuge Brain Project, directed by Till Nowak
  • Best Horror Short Film: Dead Happy, directed by Nicky Lianos
  • Best Fan Film: Star Trek Phase II: The Child, directed by Jon Povill

Obituary: Stephen A. Rynas

Author Stephen A. Rynas (b.1921) died on August 26. Rynas published science fiction under the pseudonym Stephen Arr. His first story appeared in Vortex with later stories appearing in Galaxy and Other Worlds. His career spanned two years, from 1953 through 1955, although two of his stories were reprinted as chapbooks in 2010.