Disney Acquires LucasFilm

The Walt Disney Company has purchased LucasFilm for 4.05 billion dollars in cash and stock. The deal gives Disney the rights to not only Star Wars, but also Indiana Jones and other LucasFilm properties. Disney has already announced plans to release a new Star Wars trilogy, beginning in 2015. The new trilogy will take place after the original trilogy and Disney says it will continue to release new Star Wars films every couple of years after the new trilogy is completed.

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Obituary: Dave Locke

Fan Dave Locke (b.1944) died on October 26. Locke published several fanzines over his career, including Awry (1972-6), Gallifmaufry (1983-5, co-edited with Joni Stopa), Time and Again (1985-6), and several others. He was active in the Science Fiction Poetry Association in the 1960s and 1970s. More recently, he was one of the founding members of e-APA, from May 2004 through May 2006.

Fan Rescued from Storm

West Coast fan Doug Faunt, who was serving on the crew of the HMS Bounty was rescued by the US Coast Guard on October 29 after the ship was caught by Hurricane Sandy. The HMS Bounty is a replica of Captain Blight’s vessel built for the 1962 feature film Mutiny on the Bounty. It has been used in other films as well and Faunt and a crew of fifteen others were trying to sail the ship around the storm to safe harbor when they were caught 100 miles off Cape Hatteras. Two One members of the crew has not been rescued.

ETA: Only one crew member, the Captain, is missing. One crew member, Claudene Christian, died after her rescue. She claimed descent from lead Bounty mutineer Fletcher Christian.

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Obituary: Jacques Goimard

French critic and editor Jacques Goimard (b.1923) died on October 25 of Parkinson’s Disease. Goimard has published critical essays in Fiction, Metal hurlant, and Le Monde. He worked on the anthologies La Grande Anthologie de la science-fiction and La Grande Anthologie du fantastique. He worked on more than 800 books for Pocket.

Obituary: Alan Hunter

British fan Alan Hunter (b.1923) died on August 1. Hunter was a fan artist whose work graced the cover of fanzines including Graveside Grope, an adult-themed Star Trek zine (as well as interior art for other issues of Grope. His art also appeared in It Goes on the Shelf, Science Fantasy Bulletin, and The Zone.

Robot Hall of Fame Inductees

Four robots were inducted into the Robot Hall of Fame this year. This year’s selection process as the first time the voting was done by popular ballot instead of by a panel. More than 17,000 people voted among the twelve nominees. The winners include one fictional robot and three actual robots. The Hall of Fame was founded in 2003. This year’s inductees include WALL-E, NAO, PackBot, and BigDog. The Robot Hall of Fame is sponsored by Carnegie-Mellon University.

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Obituary: Janet Berliner-Gluckman

Author Janet Berliner-Gluckman (b.1939) died on October 24. Berliner-Gluckman was born Janet Berliner in Cape Town, South Africa and moved to the US in 1960, becoming a citizen in 1966. She co-wrote the Madagascar Manifest alternate history trilogy with George Guthridge and edited a series of anthologies with magician David Copperfield. Her first novel, Rite of the Dragon was published in 1980 and she followed it with other novels and short stories, including many collaborations.

B&N Stores Hacked

Credit card swipe machines at 63 Barnes and Noble stores across the country have been hacked, recording and sending credit card and PIN information. The breach was discovered in mid-September and all machines were taken off line and fixed on September 14. Anyone who shopped at a B&N prior to that date should confirm their credit card statements.

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Obituary: Bernard Behrens

Actor Bernard Behrens (b.1927) died on September 19. Behrens provided the voice of Obi-Wan Kenobi on NPR’s radio adaptations of the original Star Wars trilogy in the 1980s and appeared in episodes of The Bionic Woman, The Greatest American Hero, and War of the Worlds. More recently, he provided the voice of Nietre on Silver Surfer.

Obituary: Russell Means

American Indian activist turned actor Russell Means (b.1939) died on October 22. Means was active in the American Indian Movement beginning in 1968. In 1987, he sought the Libertarian nomination for President, losing the nomination to Ron Paul. Means turned to acting in 1992, appearing in several genre works including Pocahontas, Turok: Son of Stone , The Sasquatch and the Girl, and Unearthed.