Obituary: Charles E. Fritch

Editor Charles E. Fritch (b.1927) died on October 11. Fritch wrote several science fiction stories in the 1950s, along with a handful of others that appeared through 1999. From 1963-5 he edited the magazine Gamma. He served as the assistant editor at Mike Shayne Mystery Magazine under Sam Merwin and Larry Shaw before taking over as editor for the final years of the magazine. He also published under the name Eric Thomas.

  1. Jeffrey S. Fisher — December 4, 2012 @ 11:16 pm

    RE: Charles E, Fritch, he had a couple of short story collections published in 1960’s – Up your Asteroid!, and one other I can’t think of presently. Obviously, many were spoofs. As for GAMMA, it was a fine magazine, shame it never found right backing it needed. Jack Matcha, a detective/mystery author co-edited the last two issues w/Fritch, and ran two short in the mag as well, one as by John Tanner.

  2. Jeffrey S. Fisher — December 4, 2012 @ 11:23 pm

    Quick correction bef. anybody else does it for me; his two collections were Crazy, Mized-Up Planet, and Horse’s Asteroid. I think the title I 1st gave belongs to some anthology or other for what it//s worth. Re Mr. Matcha, his life/death dates MAy, I repeat may, b. born 2/28/1919; d.1/18/2003. They seem match his Cont. Authors’ entry – maybe somebody can confirm/refute these dates for him.

  3. Alan Mintaka — December 6, 2012 @ 11:42 am

    The Encyclopedia of Science Fiction (SFE Online, 3rd ed.) lists a few other “works” besides the two collections you mentioned. SFE also provides vital stats for Charles Edward Fitch’s birth and death dates/places. The summary looks like this (preceded by link to SFE bio, with apologies to SFE for lifting the content):

    “Charles Edward Fritch
    born Utica, New York: 20 January 1927
    died 11 October 2012

    Crazy Mixed-Up Planet (Reseda, California: Powell Publications, 1969) [coll: pb/Bill Hughes]
    Horses’ Asteroid (Reseda, California: Powell Publications, 1970) [coll: pb/Bill Hughes]
    I Like Martian Music (no place given: Project Gutenberg, 2009) [story: ebook: first appeared September 1957 Fantastic Universe: na/]
    The Odyssey of San Meecham (no place given: Project Gutenberg, 2009) [story: ebook: first appeared January 1954 Fantastic Universe: na/]
    The Gift Bearer (no place given: Project Gutenberg, 2010) [story: ebook: first appeared May 1954 If: na/]”

    I haven’t figured out the citation reference codes yet, but I’m sure they’re available somewhere on the SFE website.

    RE Jack Matcha: unfortunately he gets only one unlinked reference in SFE, in the article about the publication Gamma (magazine). That article, which also mentions Charles E. Fritch as co-editor with Matcha, can be found here:

    I found one other link that verifies your birth-death years for Jack Matcha. He was also active in writing TV scripts for shows that included The Brady Bunch. Based on the vital stat dates and the other title in this article (“Teenage Mysteries Volume 2 – Four Complete Thrill-Packed Tales of Terror,…”) it’s most likely the same person.

    I’m sure a more exhaustive search of the internet would turn up additional info on Jack Match. Here’s the other link I found:

    Hope this info helps somehow,
    Alan Mintaka

  4. Alan Mintaka — December 6, 2012 @ 11:44 am

    Correction on last post: in the last reference to Jack Matcha, I spelled his name “Jack Match”. Sorry about that.

    Alan Mintaka