Obituary: Fred M. Waugh

Stuntman Fred M. Waugh (b.1932) died on December 2. Waugh’s career included working on multiple Planet of the Apes films, Buck Rogers in the 25th Century, episodes of the 1970s television series The Amazing Spider-Man, and more recently Batman and Robin and The Minority Report.

Obituary: Charles E. Fritch

Editor Charles E. Fritch (b.1927) died on October 11. Fritch wrote several science fiction stories in the 1950s, along with a handful of others that appeared through 1999. From 1963-5 he edited the magazine Gamma. He served as the assistant editor at Mike Shayne Mystery Magazine under Sam Merwin and Larry Shaw before taking over as editor for the final years of the magazine. He also published under the name Eric Thomas.