Obituary: Charles Chilton

Writer and producer Charles Chilton (b.1917) died on January 2. Chilton worked for the BBC as a writer, producer, and presenter. While working on the western radio series Riders of the Range, he also published a comic based on it. He is best known for his Journey Into Space, which ran from 1953-1958. He also was a producer for The Goon Show. In 1976, he received an MBE.

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  1. Alan Mintaka — January 10, 2013 @ 7:05 am

    Here are some Wikipedia links to Charles Chilton’s bio, plus an article on the BBC radio show “Journey into Space”. There’s a great cast photo in the radio show article, along with episode synopses, production notes, and many links to additional information on Charles Chilton and his productions.

    Of particular interest to me was the re-discovery of “coarse groove” transcription discs of the old radio programs. How Ted Kendall, the recording engineer, restored those broadcasts is fascinating reading.

    Alan Mintaka

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