A new species of orchard bee discovered by Brazilian biologist Andre Nemesio has been named Euglossa bazinga, in honor of the catch phrase used by television character Sheldon Cooper on the show The Big Bang Theory. Cooper, portrayed by Jim Parsons, uses the phrase to indicate he has perpetrated a practical joke. According to Nemesio, the name is fitting since the bee had tricked scientists with its similarity to other species.

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Van Vogt Winner Announced

The winner of the inaugural A.E. van Vogt Award has been announced. Brian J. Clarke will receive the Can$1200 prize and certificate for his novel Alphanauts. The award is sponsored by the Winnipeg Science Fiction Association and is presented for first-edition full length science fiction novel or full-length science fiction short story anthology, written by an author linked to Western Canada by birth or residency. The van Vogt Awards expect to launch a website for the award in the near future.

Obituary: Don Medford

Director Don Medford (b.1917 as Donald Muller) died on December 12. Medford is most famous for directing the final episode of the television series The Fugitive, but also had several genre credits, including more than thirty episodes of Tales of Tomorrow and five episodes of The Twilight Zone.

Obituary: Charles Chilton

Writer and producer Charles Chilton (b.1917) died on January 2. Chilton worked for the BBC as a writer, producer, and presenter. While working on the western radio series Riders of the Range, he also published a comic based on it. He is best known for his Journey Into Space, which ran from 1953-1958. He also was a producer for The Goon Show. In 1976, he received an MBE.

Galaxy’s Edge Announced

Arc Manor has announced the launch of on-line magazine Galaxy’s Edge, scheduled for March 1, 2013. The magazine, which is edited by Mike Resnick, will include a mix of new and reprint stories, as well as serials. It will be available for free on-line, with paper copies available through Amazon and B&N and downloadable versions for a low price. The magazine will be published every other month and include columns from Barry Malzberg, Paul Cook, and Horace Cocroft.

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