Obituary: jan howard finder

Fan jan howard finder (b.1939) died on February 26 after a lengthy battle with prostate cancer. finder, who was also known by the fannish name The Wombat, was hospitalized for his cancer at Renovation, but had battled back to attend Chicon 7, where he emceed the Masquerade. finder organized the First Conference on Middle-earth in 1969 and made many trips to the sites used in New Zealand by Peter Jackson for the Lord of the Rings films, often giving tours to other fans. He edited the fanzine The Spang Blah and the anthology Alien Encounters, as well as writing the occasional short story. finder co-founded Albacon and chaired the convention in 1996. In 2001, he chaired the SFRA Conference. In 1993, he was the Fan Guest of Honor at ConFrancisco, the 51st Worldcon.

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  1. bandit, Albuquerque — February 6, 2014 @ 12:51 am

    wombat was one of the few people that could out-talk me once on a roll telling stories. He came thru Albuquerque a few years ago on the anniversary of Route 66 – he was driving the length for the Nth time – and we sat in the Hotel Albuquerque bar while he told stories for four hours. I got in one story. People kept buying him drinks.

    Man was a class act.

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