Obituary: Iain M. Banks

Author Iain M. Banks (b.1954) died on June 9. Banks was diagnosed with terminal cancer at the beginning of April. Banks began publishing in 1984 with the novel The Wasp Factory and over several years published the Culture novels. His first science fiction novel, Consider Phlebas, was published in 1987. Banks won ther British Science Fiction Award for his novels Feersum Endjinn and Excession. He was announced as the Guest of Honor for Loncon 3. His final novel, The Quarry, will be published later this month.

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  1. Naveen — June 14, 2013 @ 10:51 pm

    That’s very sad news for everyone because he is the one and only author who is always renowned in people. His Science Fiction books are speechless. I will miss that author.

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