Kurd Laßwitz Winners

The winners for this year’s Kurd Laßwitz award for science fiction published in Germany were announced on June 16.

  • Best Novel: Pulsarnacht, by Dietmar Dath
  • Best Short Story: “Im Käfig,” by Klaus N. Frick
  • Best Foreign work: “Die Hölle ist die Abwesenheit Gottes,” by Ted Chiang (“Hell is the Absence of God”)
  • Best Translation: Birgit Herden, Dorothea Kallfass, and Hannes Riffel for translating: Paolo Bacigalupi’s “Der Spieler” “The Player”
  • Best Illustration: artwork appearing by Moreau, by Thomas Franke
  • Best Radioplay: Unerwartete Ereignisse, by Heinz von Cramer
  • Special Prize for Achievement in 2012: Ralf Boldt and Wolfgang Jeschke for being anthologist of Die Stille nach dem Ton
  • Special Prize for Achievement over the Years: Ernst Wurdack for supporting German science-fiction and new talents as a publisher by publishing anthologies and story collections.

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