Parsec Nominees

The nominations for this year’s Parsec Awards, presented for excellence in science fiction podcasting, have been released. The winners will be announced at Dragon*Con in Atlanta.

Best Speculative Fiction Story: Small Cast (Short Form)

  • “Fiends: Mimes,” by Paul Elard Cooley
  • “Final Girl Theory,” by A.C. Wise
  • “Fires in the Snow,” by Starla Huchton
  • “Now Cydonia,” by Rick Kennett
  • “Royal Offworld Navy,” by Alexa Chipman
  • “Silence: A Fable,” by Edgar Allan Poe, directed by Jeffrey Gardner

Best Speculative Fiction Story: Small Cast (Novella Form)

  • “The Beauty of Our Weapons,” by M. Darusha Wehm
  • “Garaaga’s Children: Scrolls,” by Paul Elard Cooley
  • “Stolen Hearts: The Invitation (A Gallifreyan Love Story),” by Edward WinterRose
  • “The Shadow Over Innsmouth,” by H.P. Lovecraft, produced by Mike Bennett
  • “Tainted Roses,” by Mark Kilfoil

Best Speculative Fiction Story: Small Cast (Long Form)

  • The Diary of Jill Woodbine, by Jay Smith
  • Interference, by Eric Luke
  • Secret World Chronicles, Season 6: Revolutions, by Mercedes Lackey, Dennis Lee, Cody Martin, and Veronica Giguere
  • Strigoaie The Romanian Witch, by Mark Vale
  • Underwood and Flinch, by Mike Bennett

Best Speculative Fiction Story: Large Cast

  • “Alek and Elizabeth and the End of the World,” by Michael Grey
  • “Boat in Shadows, Crossing,” by Tori Truslow
  • “Harlan’s Wake,” written by John Mierau, produced by Brian Lincoln
  • “A Janitor’s Territory,” by Birke Duncan
  • “The Road To Utopia Plain,” by Rick Kennett

Best Speculative Fiction Audio Drama (Short Form)

  • “Keeg’s Quest: A Skyrim Adventure,” by Rich Matheson
  • “Aaron’s World,” by Mike Meraz and Aaron
  • “The Minister of Chance,” by Radio Static
  • “Ancient Evil,” by Aural Stage Studios
  • “The Pendant Shakespeare,” by Pendant Productions

Best Speculative Fiction Audio Drama (Long Form)

  • We’re Alive, by KC Wayland
  • Hothouse Bruiser, by Joel Metzger
  • The Leviathan Chronicles, by Christof Laputka
  • Star Trek: Outpost, by Tony Raymond and Daniel McIntosh
  • The Guild of The Cowry Catchers: Book 4 Out of the Ashes, by Abigail Hilton

Best Speculative Fiction Video Story

  • Dr. Talon’s “Letter to the Editor” , by David D. Levine
  • The Silent City, by Rubidium Wu
  • I Have Your Heart, by Molly Crabapple, Kim Boekbinder, and Jim Batt

Best Speculative Fiction Magazine or Anthology Podcast

  • Toasted Cake, by Tina Connolly
  • The Drabblecast, by Norm Sherman
  • The NoSleep Podcast, by David Cummings
  • Tales from the Archives, Volume 2, by Tee Morris and Pip Ballentine
  • Every Photo Tells…, by Katharina and Mick Bordet

Best New Speculative Fiction Podcaster/Team

  • The NoSleep Podcast, by David Cummings
  • Doctor Who: Verity! , by Deb Stanish & Erika Ensign
  • Nights at the Round Table, by Ash Farbrother
  • Reader/Writer Podcast, by Ben Delano/Mary Ellen Warren
  • Blurry Photos, by David Flora

Best Speculative Fiction Fan or News Podcast (Specific)

  • RebelForce Radio, by Jimmy Mac and Jason Swank
  • Doctor Who: Radio Free Skaro, by Warren Frey, Steven Schapansky, Chris Burgess
  • Two-Minute Time Lord, by Chip Sudderth
  • Commentary: Trek Stars, by Mike Schindler, Max Hegel
  • Doctor Who: Verity!, by Deb Stanish & Erika Ensign

Best Speculative Fiction Fan or News Podcast (General)

  • Geek Radio Daily, by Geek Radio Daily
  • The Incomparable, by Jason Snell
  • Nights at the Round Table, by Ash Farbrother
  • The Ratchet RetroCast, by John F. Strangeway, Doc Quincy E. Quartermain
  • PodCulture: Equal Opportunity Geekness, by Brad, Glenn, Christina, and Adam

Best Podcast about Speculative Fiction Content Creation

  • StoryForward, by J.C. Hutchins and Steve Peters
  • StoryWonk Sunday, by Lani Diane Rich and Alistair Stephens
  • Writing Excuses, by Brandon Sanderson, Dan Wells, Howard Tayler, Mary Robinette Kowal
  • Get Published, by Michell Plested
  • Adventures in SciFi Publishing, by Shaun Farrell

Best Fact Behind the Fiction Podcast

  • Hubblecast, by Oli Usher & Joe Liske
  • Blurry Photos, by David Flora
  • The Titanium Physicists Podcast, by Ben Tippett
  • Bacteriofiles, by Jesse Noar
  • Token Skeptic, by K. Sturgess

Best Speculative Fiction Comedy/Parody Podcast

  • My Script is MUD, by Birke Duncan
  • Blastropodcast, by Mark Soloff
  • The Chapter Titles Were So Good, by The Peter, Regular Tom, and Mr. Tom
  • Dragon*ConTV, by Brian Richardson
  • Comedy4Cast, by Clinton

Best Speculative Fiction Music Podcast

  • Radio Free Hipster, by Z
  • The Funny Music Project, by Devo Spice
  • Pros and Cons, by Jonah Knight

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