Kramer’s Day in Court

Thirteen years and one day after being arrested on child molestation charges, Atlanta area fan Ed Kramer has been scheduled to go on trial the weeks of December 2 and 9. Kramer’s trial has been postponed through a series of delaying actions taken on his behalf by his attorneys who have cited a wide variety of health issues including pain related to a cervical (neck) fusion; Type II diabetes; psoriatic arthritis; hypothyroidism; asthma; COPD, or emphysema; sleep apnea; narcoplepsy; fluid retention in his feet; “moderate to severe” hearing loss; and a recent bout with staph infections. Kramer’s trial date may still be changed if the court can’t reach reasonable accomodations for his health issues. Earlier this year, Dragon*Con, which Kramer co-founded, forced a buy-out of Kramer’s shares.

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