Obituary: Colin Wilson

Author Colin Wilson (b.1931) died on December 5. In addition to numerous non-fiction works, Wilson wrote short stories set in the Cthulhu Mythos, the novel The Space Vampires, which was filmed as Lifeforce, and the Spider-World series. After his description of Lovecraft as a bad writer caused August Derleth to challenge him, Wilson wrote the novel The Mind Parasites. Following a stroke in 2012, Wilson lost his ability to speak.

Obituary: T. R. Fehrenbach

Author and historian T. R. Fehrenbach (b.1925) died on December 1. Following his service in the Korean War, Fehrenbach turned to writing science fiction, although his best known works were historical. He published “Remember the Alamo!” in Analog in 1961 and “From the Tower of Eridu” in Lone Star Universe. Fehrenbach, who also wrote about the history of Texas, tended to use the initials “R. R.” for his science fiction.

HarperVoyager Launches Super Reader Program

HarperVoyager US has announced the creation of a Super Reader program. Members will receive access to early review copies, entries to an on-line forum, and interactions with authors at regional events. Initial applications for the program will be accepted from December 9-23, 2013 with twenty super readers selected by January 17, 2014. Harper will add 20 new Super readers every six months.

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Barker Wins Rotsler

Scottish fan Jim Barker has been named the winner of the 2014 Rotsler Award for best fan artist. Barker has previously been nominated for the Hugo Award and won the Checkpoint newszine poll for Best Fanartist. The Rotsler Award is sponsored by the Southern California Institute for Fan Interests. Established in 1998, the award carries an honorarium of US$300.

Obituary: Barry Jackson

Actor Barry Jackson (b.1946) died on December 5. Jackson appeared in three Doctor Who serials, including “The Romans” and “The Armageddon Factor.” he also appeared in “Mission to the Unknown,” the only serial that did not include the Doctor. Other genre roles included parts in A for Andromeda, Blakes 7, and Adam Adamant Lives.

Delany Named Grandmaster

SFWA has announced that Samuel R. Delany will be named the Damon Knight Grandmaster, with his induction occurring at the Nebula Award Weekend in San Jose, California the weekend of May 15-18, 2014. Delany is the author of Dhalgren, Babel-17, The Einstein Intersection, Nova, and numerous other novels and short stories.

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Kramer Pleads Guilty

Ed Kramer pleaded guilty to three of the six counts in the original indictment filed against him and has received a 20 year sentence of four five year terms to run concurrently with credit for time already served. Kramer will serve the remaining 36 months of his sentence under house arrest, has been ordered to pay $100,000 to each of his victims by July 2014, and is prohibited from interacting with anyone under the age of 16. Kramer was originally arrested in August 2000 on charges of child molestation.

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