Norilana Royalties Fundraiser

Vera Nazarian has announced a fundraiser to help her pay back royalties to authors who had books published with Norilana Press. When the economy crashed, issues arose the meant that she was unable to pay the royalties that were owed and she has since reverted all rights back to her authors, but is still trying to make good on paying them their back royalties. Nazarian has started an indiegogo campaign to try to raise the money necessary to pay the money due to her authors.

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  1. Irene — March 16, 2014 @ 4:50 pm

    It’s a shame that she owes them money, but … She received royalty checks from Lightning Source from which she was supposed to pay her authors. Why did she not do that? It was not money she could legally use for anything else.

    Also, in the last few years she has had a Kickstarter, an SF community charity fundraiser, and loans from friends, one of whom has since died of cancer, of more than $170,000.

    She has a pattern of asking people for tens of thousands of dollars, and yet she remains deeply in debt and owing money people whose money she has admittedly spent on herself.

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