Retro Hugos (1939) Announced

The Retro-Hugos were presented at Loncon 3 on the evening of August 14 at a ceremony hosted by Mary Robinette Kowal and Rob Shearman. The Retro-Hugo base, designed by Marina Gélineau, had a depiction of the Chrysler Building in New York next to the traditional rocket. Other awards presented during the ceremony are listed here

  • Best Novel: The Sword in the Stone, by T. H. White
  • Best Novella: “Who Goes There?,” by Don A Stuart (a.k.a. John W. Campbell, Jr.)
  • Best Novelette: “Rule 18,” by Clifford D. Simak
  • Best Short Story: “How We Went to Mars,” by Arthur C. Clarke
  • Best Dramatic Presentation, Short Form: The War of the Worlds, by H. G. Wells. Written by Howard Koch & Anne Froelick; Directed by Orson Welles (The Mercury Theater of the Air, CBS)
  • Best Editor, Short Form: John W. Campbell, Jr.
  • Best Professional Artist: Virgil Finlay
  • Best Fanzine: Imagination!, edited by Forrest J Ackerman, Morojo, and T. Bruce Yerke
  • Best Fan Writer: Ray Bradbury
  • Special Committee Award: Jerry Siegel and Joe Schuster for the introduction of Superman in Action Comics #1

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Obituary: Lauren Bacall

Actress Lauren Bacall (b.Betty Joan Perske, 1924) died on August 12. Bacall was best known for her dramatic roles and relationship with Humphrey Bogart, with whom she appeared in several films, but she also appeared in several genre films, lending her voice to the American version of Howl’s Moving Castle, and appearing in Misery and a television adaptation of Blithe Spirit. One of her most famous non-genre roles was in The Big Sleep, written by genre author Leigh Brackett. In 2010, Bacall received an honorary Academy Award.

Pegasus Nominations

The finalists for the 2014 Pegasus Award have been announced. On-line voting is open to anyone with an interest in the filk community until October 19. The winners will be announced at Ohio Valley Filk Festival the weekend of October 24-26.

Best Filk Song

  • “Acolytes of the Machine,” by Dr. Mary Crowell
  • “Child of the Library,” by Piers & Gill Cawley
  • “Pageant Legend,” by Ju Honisch & Katy Dröge-Macdonald
  • “Paper Worlds,” by Talis Kimberley
  • “Snow White, Red Road,” by Cheshire Moon

Best Classic Filk Song

  • “Apology,” by Bill and Gretchen Roper
  • “Before The Dawn,” by Mike Whitaker
  • “Grandfather,” by Gary Hanak
  • “I Am Stardust,” by Lloyd Landa
  • “Storm Dancing,” by Tom Smith

Best Performer

  • Cheshire Moon
  • Copy Red Leader
  • Tim Griffin
  • Stone Dragons
  • Toyboat

Best Writer/Composer

  • Tim Griffin
  • Phil Mills
  • Ben Newman
  • Ada Palmer
  • Eva Van Daele-Hunt

Best Adapted Song

  • “Meat,” by Kathleen Sloan
  • “Midichlorian Rhapsody,” by Jeff Bohnhoff
  • “Snitch Ball Wizard,” by Steve Macdonald
  • “Threes Rev. 1.1,” by Duane Elms
  • “TIE After TIE,” by Debs & Errol

Best Song of Passage

  • “City of Doors,” by Dr. Mary Crowell
  • “Outward Bound,” by Cat Faber
  • “Persephone,” by Michelle Dockrey
  • “Scarlet Town,” by Cathy McManamon
  • “Starlight & Saxophone,” by Tom Smith

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Obituary: Arlene Martel

Actress Actor Arlene Martel (b.1936) died on August 11. Martel appeared in the Star Trek episode “Amok Time” as Spock’s bride, T’Pring. She also appeared in episodes of Twilight Zone, The Six Million Dollar Man, The Outer Limits (“Demon with a Glass Hand”), and the original Battlestar Galactica.

Obituary: Robin Williams

Actor Robin Williams (b.1951) committed suicide on August 11. Williams got his first break playing the alien Mork on an episode of Happy Days, which was spun off to become Mork and Mindy. Over the years, Williams branched out from comedy to appear in several dramatic roles, including an Oscar for his role in Good Will Hunting and an Oscar nomination for his role in Terry Gilliam’s Arthurian-based The Fisher King. Other genre roles include the genie in Disney’s Aladdin, Jumanji, Theodore Roosevelt in The Night in the Museum franchise, and a robot in Bicentennial Man.

Obituary: J. J. Murphy

Actor J. J. Murphy (b.1928) died on August 8. Murphy had recently been cast to portray Ser Denys McAllister, the oldest member of the Night Watch in Game of Thrones, and collapsed of an heart attack four days into shooting. Murphy is best known for his appearance in the film Angela’s Ashes and had a role in the forthcoming Dracula Untold.

Mythopoeic Winners Announced

The winners of the 2014 Mythopoeic Society Awards were announced on August 10 at Mythcon 45 in Nortton, MA.

  • Mythopoeic Fantasy Award for Adult Literature: The Golem and the Jinni, by Helene Wecker
  • Mythopoeic Fantasy Award for Children’s Literature: Doll Bones, by Holly Black
  • Mythopoeic Scholarship Award in Inklings Studies: Tolkien and the Study of His Sources: Critical Essays, edited by Jason Fisher
  • Mythopoeic Scholarship Award in Myth and Fantasy Studies: Tree of Salvation: Yggdrasil and the Cross in the North, by G. Ronald Murphy

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On Spec Funding Cut

Canadian SF magazine On Spec has received word that it will nto receive a government arts grant from the Canada Council for the forthcoming year, which will result in a decrease of funds between $20-25,000. The funding cut is for a single year and there is no means of redress, although next year’s jury may elect to reinstate the funding.

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ESFS Nominations

The year’s winners will be announced at Shamrokon, the Eurocon in Dublin in August 2014.


These Awards are awarded to people who have had an impact both inside and outside their native country.

Best Author:

  • Ulrike Schmitzer – Austria
  • Сергей Булыга/Sergey Bulyga – Belarus
  • Nikolay Tellalov – Bulgaria
  • Vilma Kadlečková – Czech Republic
  • Jean-Claude Dunyach – France
  • Wolfgang Jeschke – Germany
  • Dario Tonani – Italy
  • Romeu de Melo – Portugal
  • Liviu Radu – Romania
  • Вадим Панов/Vadim Panov – Russia
  • Juraj Červenák – Slovakia
  • Yana Dubinianska – Ukraine
  • Paul McAuley – United Kingdom

Best Translator:

  • D. Mogilevcev, K. Kurchenkova – Belarus
  • Sara Doke – Belgium
  • Adrian Lazarovski – Bulgaria
  • Jan Kantůrek – Czech Republic
  • Ms. Kersti Juva – Finland
  • Bernhard Kempen – Germany
  • Marco Crosa – Italy
  • Jorge Candeias – Portugal
  • Mihai Dan Pavelescu – Romania
  • Кирилл Плешков/Kirill Pleshkov – Russia
  • Sergey Legeza – Ukraine

Best Promoter:

  • Wolfgang Niederwieser – Austria
  • Raisa Borovikova – Belarus
  • The team of the Citadel ( – Bulgaria
  • Mihaela Marija Perkovic – Croatia
  • Toni Jerrman – Finland
  • Dominique Martel and Ellen Hertzfeld (Quarante-Deux team) – France
  • Hermann Ritter – Germany
  • Dave Lally – Ireland
  • Silvio Sosio – Italy
  • Marcelina Gama Leandro – Portugal
  • Eugen Lenghel – Romania
  • Александр Сидорович/Alexandr Sidorovich- Russia
  • Katka Bajzíková (Slavcon) – Slovakia
  • Brian Aldiss – United Kingdom
  • Yuriy Shevela – Ukraine

Best Magazine:

  • Visionarium – Austria
  • Cosmoport – Belarus
  • Almanah Fantastika – Bulgaria
  • phantastisch! – Germany
  • Fantasy & Science Fiction – Italy
  • CPSF Anticipatia – Romania
  • UFO (Ukrainian SFF Review) – Ukraine

Best Publisher

  • Septime – Austria
  • Galiafy – Belarus
  • Bard – Bulgaria
  • Argo – Czech Republic
  • L’Atalante – France
  • Ernst Wurdack – Germany
  • Swan River Press – Ireland
  • Delos Digital – Italy
  • Editura Tracus Arte – Romania
  • Азбука/Azbooka – Russia
  • Aertis Omnis – Slovakia
  • Angry Robot – United Kingdom
  • Family Leisure Club – Ukraine

Best Artist:

  • Johann Peterka – Austria
  • Валерий Слаук/Valeriy Slauk – Belarus
  • Petar Stanimirov – Bulgaria
  • Pavel Čech – Czech Republic
  • Didier Graffet – France
  • Lothar Bauer – Germany
  • Jim Fitzpatrick – Ireland
  • Tomasz Baginski – Poland
  • Pedro Piedade Marques – Portugal
  • Catalin Negrea – Romania
  • Сергей Шикин/Sergey Shikin – Russia
  • Michal Ivan – Slovakia
  • Alexander Prodan – Ukraine


These Awards are presented for works and performances produced since the previous Eurocon.


  • Petar Stanimirov – Bulgaria
  • Manchu – France
  • Marian Mirescu – Romania
  • Игорь Савин/Igor Savin – Russia
  • Alexander Prodan – Ukraine

Best Fanzine

  • Citadelata – Bulgaria
  • Présences d’esprits – France
  • Antologia Fénix de Ficção Científica e Fantasia – Portugal
  • Gazeta SF – Romania
  • Darker – Russia
  • Jashubeg en Jered – Slovenia
  • Fantasy World – Ukraine

Best Website

  • – Bulgaria
  • Inverzija – Croatia
  • SF – France
  • Geek Ireland – Ireland
  • Helice – Spain
  • Fandom SK – Slovakia
  • Архив БВИ/BVI Archive – Russia
  • Star Fort – Ukraine

Best Dramatic Presentation

  • Aurelion: Eternal Balance – Bulgaria
  • Adaptation of Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog – Croatia
  • Adrian Chifu – Romania
  • Трудно быть богом/Trudno byt bogom – Russia
  • Liubomyr Levytskiy (Unforgotten Shadows) – Ukraine

Best creator of children’s SF or fantasy books

  • Nikola Raykov – Bulgaria
  • Oisín McGann – Ireland
  • Vladimir Arenev – Ukraine
  • Julia Donaldson – United Kingdom

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Cycling for Cancer

Author Joel Shepherd will be bicycling from Bangor, Maine to Washington, DC from August 9-27 to raise money and awareness for Cancer Research Institute (CRI). Shepherd will be live tweeting his journey and invites fans to follow him on twitter, Facebook, and to donate to the cause.

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