Rondo Hatton Awards

The thirteenth annual Rondo Hatton Awards were announced by the Classic Horror Film Board. More than 3100 voters took part in on-line voting to select the winners. The Rondo Hatton Award is named for the actor who appeared in numerous horror films over the course of his career. The awards recognizethe best in classic horror research, creativity, and film preservation.

  • Best Film of 2014: Guardians of the Galaxy
  • Best TV Presentation: The Walking Dead: ‘The Grove’
  • Best Classic DVD of 2014: Nightbreed: The Director’s Cut
  • Best Classic DVD/BLU-RAY Collection: Batman: The Complete Television Series
  • Best Restoration: Nightbreed: The Director’s Cut
  • Best Commentary: Clive Barker and Mark Alan Miller for Nightbreed: The Director’s Cut
  • Best DVD Extra: Phantom of the Paradise: Paul Williams and Guillermo del Toro
  • Best Independent Film: What We Do in the Shadows, directed by Jemaine Clement and Taika Waititi
  • Best Short Film: The Mill at Calder’s End , directed by Kevin McTurk
  • Best Documentary Feature: Jodorowsky’s Dune, directed by Frank Pavich
  • Book(s) of the Year (tie): The Creature Chronicles , by Tom Weaver with David Schecter and Steve Kronenberg; The Outer Limits at 50, by David J. Schow with Ted C. Rypel
  • Best Magazine: Rue Morgue
  • Best Magazine (classic): Famous Monsters
  • Best Article: “The Complete Godzilla Chronology, 1954-2004,” by August Ragone, Famous Monsters #275
  • Best Interview (Award goes to interviewer): Chris Alexander interview with Werner Herzog, Fangoria #334
  • Best Overall Issue: Diaboloque #22 (Childbirth, family and horror)
  • Best Column: “Diary of the Deb,” by Debbie Rochon
  • Best Cover: Fangoria #330 by Nick Percival
  • Best Website: Joe Dante’s Trailers from Hell
  • Best Horror Blog: Dr. Gangrene’s Mad Blog
  • Best Convention of 2014: Monsterpalooza
  • Best Fan Event: Evil Dead Cast Reunioin at Horrorhound Weekend
  • Favorite Horror Host: Svengoolie
  • Best Horror Comic Book: The Walking Dead, by Robert Kirkman and Charles Adlard
  • Best Horror Multi-Media or Podcast: Monster Kid Radio
  • Best CD: Original Godzilla Soundtrack
  • Best Toy, Model, or Collectible: Creature, Universal Monsters Select
  • Classic Most in Need of Release, Upgrade, or Restoration: I Was a Teenage Werewolf/Frankenstein (both films)
  • Writer of the Year: Max Weinstein (Diabolique editor)
  • Artist of the Year: Bob Eggleton
  • Linda Miller Award for Fan Artist of the Year: William C. Cope
  • Reviewer of the Year: Mark D. Clark (Monsters from the Vault)
  • Henry Alvarez Award for Creative Design: Sculptor Mike Hillhillwolf
  • International Fan of the Year: Nigel Honeybone (Australia)
  • Monster Kid of the Year: Frank J. Dello Stritto
  • The Monster Kid Hall of Fame: Michael Weldon, Jose Mojica Marins, Garry Don Rhodes, and Sara Karloff

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