Obituary: Elmo Williams

Producer Elmo Williams (b.1913) died on November 25. Williams worked as a film editor on the Disney film 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea with non-genre work on High Noon and Dick Tracy Meets Gruesome. He also worked as a producer for Tales of the Vikings and Tora! Tora! Tora!. He received an Oscar nomination for 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea and won the Oscar for High Noon.

Obituary: Shigeru Mizuki

Manga artist Shigeru Mizuki (b.1922) died on November 30. Mizuki was best known for GeGeGe no Kitarō. Mizuki lost his left arm in World War II in Papua Ne Guinea and was the sole survivor of his unit. He published his first work, Rocketman, in 1957. Mizuki has won the Kodansha Jido Manga Award, the Kodansha Manga Award, and the Eisner Award, among others.

Apollo 16 Booster Found

In April, 1972, John Young and Charles Duke landed on the moon in the Lunar Module Orion. NASA scientists also arranged to have the third stage booster of the Saturn V rocket that propelled them to the moon to crash into the moon so measurements could be taken of the reverberations. Although the impact of the rocket could be measured, its location was never found until Jeff Plescia of Johns Hopkins University discovered its location.
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Newitz Leaves io9

Annalee Newitz, one of the founders of io9, has announced that November 30 is her final day at the website. Newitz helped found io9 with Charlie Jane Anders in 2008 and has been running the website since, taking on the position as Gizmodo editor in January of this year. Newitz is leaving to take on the role of tech culture editor at Ars Technica.
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Prêmio Argos de Literatura Fantástica

The Prêmio Argos, given out for excellence in fantastic literature in Brazil, were awarded at Jedicon Rio on November 29 in Rio de Janeiro.

  • Prêmio pelo Conjunto da Obra (Lifetime Achievement Award): Jorge Luiz Calife
  • Melhor Romance (Best Novel): Dezoito do Escorpião, by Alexey Dowdsworth Magnavita
  • Melhor Conto (Best Short Story): “Clitoridectomia,” by Carlos Orsi
  • Melhor Antologia (Best Anthology): Vaporpunk: Novos Documentos de uma Pitoresca Era Steampunk, edited by Fábio Fernandes & Romeu Martins Martins

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Tiptree Fellowships Awarded

Two Tiptree Fellowships have been announced. The Fellowships, established earlier this year, are to recognize writers, artists, scholars, media makers, remix artists, performers, musicians, or something else entirely. They are given for work that is changing the way we think about gender through speculative narrative. The first two Fellows are Walidah Imarisha and Elizabeth LaPensée. Imarisha is an educator, editor, writer, organizer and spoken word artist. LaPensée expresses herself through writing, design, and art in games, comics, and animation. The jury included Tiptree Motherboard members Alexis Lothian and Debbie Notkin, Tiptree Award winner Nisi Shawl, and inaugural Tiptree Fellow micha cárdenas.
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Endeavour Award

Jay Lake won this year’s Endeavour Award for his posthumous collection Last Plane to Heaven. The winner was announced at Orycon and the award comes with a $1,000 prize and an engraved glass plaque. The Endeavour Award was established to recognize works of SF by authors working and living in the Pacific Northwest. The judges for the 2015 Award were Russell Davis, Esther Friesner, and Fran Wilde

Obituary: Rex Reason

Actor Rex Reason (b.1928) died on November 19. While Reason may be best known for his roles in various Westerns, he also appeared in the science fiction classic This Island Earth and the horror film The Creature Walks Among Us.

SF Prop Auction

Premiere Props will be auctioning off more than 500 movie props, including many from science fiction films including Jurassic Park, Star Wars, Iron Man, Men in Black, and The Dark Knight Rises. The auction will take place in El Segundo, CA on December 12 beginning at 11 AM with on-line and phone bidding and proxies allowed.
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Blue Origin Launch and Land

Jeff Bezos’ Blue Origin rocket was successfully launched from West Texas on November 23. The unmanned rocket achieved a height of a little more than 100 kilometers and a speed of 4600 kph before descending for a vertical landing on within two meters of its target. The Blue Origin also deployed an unmanned crew capsule during the test flight. Although Blue Origin reached space, the rocket is designed for suborbital trips only.
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