Canopus Awards

100 Year Starship announced the winners of the inaugural Canopus Award on October 30. The award recognizes works that contribute to the excitement, knowledge, and understanding of interstellar space exploration and travel.

  • Previously Published Long-Form Fiction (40,000 words or more): InterstellarNet: Enigma, by Edward M. Lerner
  • Previously Published Short-Form Fiction (between 1,000 and 40,000 words): “The Waves,” by Ken Liu
  • Original Fiction (1,000-5,000 words): “Everett’s Awakening,” by Yelcho
  • Original Non-Fiction (1,000-5,000 words): “Finding Earth 2.0 from the Focus of the Solar Gravitational Lens,” by Louis Friedman and Slava Turyshev

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