Julius Vogel Awards

The winners of the 2016 Sir Julius Vogel Awards have been announced. The awards are given annually by The Science Fiction and Fantasy Association of New Zealand (SFFANZ) for excellence in science fiction and fantasy by New Zealanders and New Zealand residents. This year’s awards were presented at Au Contraire 2016.

  • Best Novel:
  • Ardus, by Jean Gilbert
  • Best Youth Novel: Dragons Realm, by Eileen Mueller
  • Best Novella / Novelette: The Ghost of Matter, by Octavia Cade
  • Best Short Story: “The Thief’s Tale,” by Lee Murray
  • Best Collected Work: Write Off Line 2015: The Earth We Knew, by Jean Gilbert, edited by Chad Dick
  • Best Professional Artwork: Cover for Shortcuts – Track 1, by K.C. Bailey
  • Best Professional Production/Publication: White Cloud Worlds Anthology 3, edited by Paul Tobin
  • Best Fan Production/ Publication: Phoenixine, edited by John & Lynelle Howell
  • Best Fan Writing: John Toon
  • Best Fan Artwork: Keith Smith, for contributions to Novazine
  • Best New Talent: Jean Gilbert
  • Services To Science Fiction, Fantasy And Horror: Marie Hodgkinson
  • Services to Fandom: Glenn Young

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