Obituary: Joyce Katz

Fan Joyce Katz (b.Joyce Worley, 1939) died on July 30 after a long illness. Joyce was married to Las Vegas fan Arnie Katz and the two of them were active in fanzine fandom as well as the planning and attending of various Corflus and Silvercons over the years. In 1969, as Joyce Fisher, with her then-husband Ray, Joyce co-chaired St. Louiscon, the 1969 Worldcon.

Obituary: Alison Wall

Canadian fan Alison Wall (b.1967) died on March 5. Wall was a costumer and also served the science fiction community by translating French, English, and Norwegian. She was Anticipation’s Head of Translation.

Obituary: Ian Wilson

Toronto fan Ian Wilson died on July 28, a day after suffering cardiac arrest. Wilson chaired Ad Astra 9 and 10 and co-chaired Ad Astra 2000 with Morgan Birch.

More Changes at Tor

In the wake of the announcement that Patrick Nielsen Hayden and Linda Quinton had been promoted at Devi Pillai hired, Tor Books has announced that Diana Gill has joined the company as executive editor after working at HarperVoyager and Berkley. In addition, Liz Gorinsky and Miriam Weinberg have been promoted to Senior Editors, Jennifer Gunnels and Diana Pho have been promoted to Editors, Christopher Morgan has been promoted to Junior Associate Editor, and Melissa Singer has been named Manager of Editorial Operations. At Forge, Bess Cozby has been named Editor and Elayne Becker has been named Junior Associate Editor. Whitney Ross was promoted to senior editor and Amy Stapp was promoted to editor at Tor YA.
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Obituary: Jerry Doyle

Actor Jerry Doyle (b.1956) died on July 27. Doyle is best known for his portrayal of Michael Garibaldi on Bablyon 5 and in the various spin-offs from that show. He broke into acting when cast in an episode of Moonlighting based on his similarity in appearance to Bruce Willis. Doyle also appeared in an episode of the time-travel show Sliders.

Chinese Fireball Over Western US

A fireball seen over parts of California, Nevada, Utah, Idaho and Colorado was the remnants of the second stage of China’s Long March 7 rocket, which was launched on a test flight on June 25. The rocket was visible for more than a minute.
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End of Conception

Conception, a gaming convention held at the UK town of New Milton since 2000, has announced that they have ended their run. The management of Hoburne Naish, the holiday resort where the convention has been held, has undergone some changes and their new policies offered challenges which left Conception with the option of moving to a new location or cancelling.
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Obituary: Joe Napolitano

Director Joe Napolitano (b.1948) died on July 23. Napolitano worked as an Assistant Director on the film The Fisher King. He was the director of the film The Big Blue Marble and episodes of Quantum Leap, Covington Cross, SeaQuest 2032, The Adventures of Brisco County, Jr., and The X-Files.

Obtiuary: Richard Thompson

Cartoonist Richard Thompson (b.1957) died on July 27. Thompsons, who won the Reuben Award in 2010, was best known for his comic strip “Cul-de-Sac.” He also created a weekly comic for the Washington Post entitled “Richard’s Poor Almanac.” Thompson succumbed to Parkinson’s Disease, which he had been diagnosed with in 2009.

Obituary: Jack Davis

Artist Jack Davis (b.1924) died on July 27. Davis is best known for his work at MAD Magazine and for EC Comics, but also had a successful career creating movie posters, including the poster for the film It’s a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World. His comic work including Tales from the Crypt, Incredible Science Fiction, and Vault of Horror.