Utopiales Nominations

Nominees for the awards presented at Utopiales, the Nantes International Science Fiction Festival have been announced in two categories. The Utopiales European Award recognizes a novel or collection published in French whose author is a citizen of an EC country. The prize has a cash value of 2000 euros. The winners will be announced at the Utopiales International Science Fiction Festival of Nantes the weekend of October 29-November 3.

Utopiales European Award

  • La fenêtre de Diane, by Dominique Douay
  • Futu.re, by Dimitri Glukhovsky. Translated by Denis E. Savine
  • Légationville, by China Miéville. Translated by Nathalie Mège (Embassytown)
  • Métaquine, by François Rouiller
  • Sous la Colline, by David Calvo
  • Le vivant, by Anna Starobinets. Translated by Raphaëlle Pache

Utopiales European Youth Award

  • Les Copies, by Jesper Wung-Sung. Translated by Jean-Baptiste Coursaud
  • Empreinte digitale, by Patrice Favaro
  • La source, by Maxime Fleury
  • Les sous-vivants, by Johan Héliot

Prix Utopiales 2016 du meilleur album de BD (Comics)

  • L’Apocalypse selon Magda, edited by Chloé Vollmer-Lo & Carole Maurel
  • Le dernier arpenteur des sables, edited by Jay Hosler
  • Ex Nihilo, edited by Stéphane Douay et Jean-François Kierzkowski
  • Nefer, Chants et contes des premières terres, edited by Arnaud Boutle
  • Pouvoirpoint, edited by Erwann Surcouf
  • Transperceneige Terminus, edited by Jean-Marie Rochette & Olivier Boquet
  • Zita, edited by Sylvie Fontaine

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Stephen King Chair

The University of Maine in Orono has announced the endowment of the Stephen E. King Chair in Literature. The position is for a five year renewable term and is tenured. They are currently taking applications for the first professor to fill the position, whose term will begin in August 2017. The chair is named for horror author Stephen King, who graduated from the university in 1970. The position is partially endowed by the Harold Alfond Foundation.

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TAFF Call for Nominations

The Eastbound TAFF (Trans Atlantic Fan Fund) race, from North America to Europe, is looking for candidates. Any North American who wishes to run must provide three nominations from North American fans and two from European fans, a written platform not to exceed 101 words, a $10 bond, and a pledge to make the trip upon winning. This year’s TAFF race is being conducted by Anna Raftery (Europe), and Curt Phillips (North America). The winner will attend Worldcon 75 in Helsinki.
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Obituary: Ruth Stuart

Fan Ruth Stuart (b.1964) died on August 12. Stuart published several short stories and was a frequent attendee of conventions in the Toronto area.

Obituary: Sarah Powers

Sarah Powers (b.1955) died on August 4 after a seven year struggle with breast cancer. Powers was a special education teacher who helped promote the artwork of her father Richard Powers at conventions and exhibits.

Obituary: Ted V. Mikels

Producer Ted V. Mikels (b.Theodore Mikacevich, 1929) died on October 16. Mikels got his start with the 1963 film Strike Me Deadly. He went on to make The Astro-Zombies and its sequels, as well as Planetfall, The Aftermath, and Nosferatu vs. Father Pipecock & Sister Funk.

Obituary: Ed Gorman

Author Ed Gorman (b.1941) died on October 14. Gorman, who also wrote as E.J. Gorman, Robert David Chase, and Daniel Ransom, was best known for writing in the mystery and horror fields, but he also wrote mysteries. In 1985, he co-founded Mystery Scene magazine and served as editor until 2002. He has received Lifetime Achievement Awards from the Private Eye Writers of America and the International Horror Writers.

Imaginarium Film Festival Awards

The 2016 Imaginarium Film Festival Awards were presented at Imaginarium Convention in Louisville, KY the weekend of October 7-9.

  • Best Feature (Overall): Blood of the Tribades
  • Best Feature (Non-Genre): Pechorin
  • Best Feature (Genre): Legend of the Lich Lord
  • Best Short Film (Overall): Random
  • Best Short Film (Genre): The Town Where Nobody Lives
  • Best Short Film (Non-Genre): Letters to Daniel: Awareness
  • Best Documentary: She Got Game
  • Best Music Video: Tell Me Why You Obsess Me
  • Best Screenplay: Dark Tapes
  • Best Plot Development: Axiom
  • Best Character Development: Game Changers
  • Best Director: True Design

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Imadjinn Awards

The 2016 Imadjinn Awards were presented at Imaginarium Convention in Louisville, KY the weekend of October 7-9. This is the first year the awards, presented to small press publications, were awarded.

  • Best Anthology: The Apex Book of World SF, edited by Mahvesh Murad
  • Best Fantasy Novel: King of the Bastards, by Brian Keene and Steven Shrewsbury
  • Best General Fiction Novel: Interstate Providence, by Samuel Miller
  • Best Horror Novel (Tie): Sins of Retribution, by James Gillen; Red Letter Day, by D A Madigan
  • Best Mystery Novel: Boneyard Beach, by Bill Noel
  • Best Non-Fiction Book: For Exposure, by Jason Sizemore
  • Best Paranormal Romance Novel: Dearly Beloved, by Rachael Rawlings
  • Best Romance Novel: A Time for Everything, by Mysti Parker
  • Best Science Fiction Novel: A Crowd of Stars, by Dave Creek
  • Best Short Story: “Nightmare,” by Tony Acree
  • Best Thriller Novel: Revenge, by Tony Acree
  • Best Urban Fantasy Novel: Pouraka, by Diana Gardner
  • Best Screenplay Feature Length: Inhuman Resources, by Hope Madden
  • Best Screenplay Short Length: Cemetery, by Pam Turner

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Big Bang Scholarships

The producers of The Big Bang Theory have announced the five recipients of the Big Bang Theory Scholarship Endowment. This academic award will present each student with $10,000 per academic year towards their STEM education. The scholarship was put up by the producers and actors on the television show and the recipients also received invitations to attend a tapin g of teh show.

  • Steven La
  • Mia Reyes
  • Amy Shao
  • Jonathan Shi Jr.
  • Mateen Ul Hassan

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