Rowe Elected

Author Christopher Rowe was elected to serve as a Soil and Water Supervisor in Lexington/Fayette County, Kentucky. Rowe announced a write-in candidacy to fill one of the vacant slots and received more than twice as many votes as the next write-in candidate. Rowe will serve a four year term.

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Pegasus Awards

The winners for the 2016 Pegasus Award were announced at Ohio Valley Filk Festival on November 5.

  • Best Filk Song: “Creatures of Dream,” by Batya Wittenberg
  • Best Classic Filk Song: “Take It Back,” by Kathleen Sloan
  • Best Performer: Play It With Moxie
  • Best Writer/Composer: Barry Childs-Helton
  • Best Adapted Song: “Six Transit Genitalia Centauri,” by Bob Kanefsky
  • Best Exploration Song: “Starsoul,” by Roger Burton West/Jodi Krangle

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ESFS Awards

The winners of the 2016 European Science Fiction Society Awards were announced at the 38th Eurocon, in Barcelona.

Hall of Fame

  • Best Author: Tom Crosshill (Latvia)
  • Best Artist: Stephan Martinère (France)
  • Best magazine: Bifrost (France)
  • Best Publisher: Ediciones B (Spain)
  • Best Promoter: (Three-way tie) James Bacon (Ireland), Roberto Quaglia (Italy), Organizers of Archipelacon (Finland & Sweden)
  • Best Translator: Andrew Bromfield (United Kingdom)

Encouragement Awards

  • Juraj Beloševic – Croatia
  • Maria Boyle- Ireland
  • Orshulya Farynyak – Ukraine
  • Maria Gyuzeleva – Bulgaria
  • Jan Hlávka and Jana Vybíralová- Czech Republic
  • Alexandru Lamba – Romania
  • Felicidad Martínez – Spain
  • Kuschuj Nepoma – Russia
  • Mark E. Pocha – Slovakia
  • Rui Ramos- Portugal
  • Melanie Vogeltanz – Austria

Spirit of Dedication Awards

  • Best Author: Guillem López – (Spain)
  • Best Artist: Kristina Bilota Toxicpanda (Croatia)
  • Best Fanzine: SuperSonic (Spain)
  • Best Website: Risingshadow (Finland)
  • Best Dramatic Presentation: (Tie) El Ministerio Del Tiempo(Spain), The Shaman (Austria)
  • Best Creator of Children’s Science Fiction of Fantasy Books: Sofia Rhei (Spain)

Honorary Award: European Grand Master: Herbert W. Franke

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LASFS Sells Clubhouse

LASFS has announced that it has agreed to sell its clubhouse in Van Nuys, home to the organization since 2011. The current location turned out to be a bad fit for the organization and the terms of sale allow the club to continue to use the current location for up to eight months as they search for a suitable replacement.
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France Bids Nice

The Worldcon in France committee has announced that their proposed 2023 Worldcon will take place in the city of Nice at The Acropolis convention center Currently, there are three levels of pre-supporting memberships, at $20/15€, $50/40€, and $100/80€. Presupporting membership cost will be deducted from final membership costs.
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