Sir Julius Vogel Nominees

The nominations for the 2017 Sir Julius Vogel Awards have been announced. The awards are given annually by The Science Fiction and Fantasy Association of New Zealand (SFFANZ) for excellence in science fiction and fantasy by New Zealanders and New Zealand residents. This year’s awards will be presented at Lexicon 2017.

Professional Award Nominees

Best Novel

  • Innocents, by Sarah Fayermann
  • Den of Wolves, by Juliet Marillier
  • Into the Mist, by Lee Murray
  • Daybreak Rising, by Kiran Oliver
  • Night’s Fall, by Richard Parry

Best Youth Novel

  • Stranded Starship (You Say Which Way), by Kevin Berry
  • The Ghosts of Moonlight Creek, by Sue Copsey
  • Battlesaurus: Clash of Empires, by Brian Falkner
  • Light in My Dark, by Jean Gilbert and William Dresden

Best Novella / Novelette

  • The Convergence of Fairy Tales, by Octavia Cade
  • “Babylon’s Song,” by Woelf Dietrich
  • The Sleeper’s Dance – A Novella, by Mouse Diver-Dudfield
  • “Spindle,” by Dan Rabarts
  • Tipuna Tapu, by Dan Rabarts

Best Short Story

  • “Narco,” by Michelle Child
  • “Splintr,” by A.J. Fitzwater
  • “Wakers,” by Sean Monaghan
  • “Call of the Sea,” by Eileen Mueller
  • “BlindSight,” by A.J. Ponder
  • “London’s Crawling,” by Emma Pullar

Best Collected Work

  • At the Edge, edited by Dan Rabarts and Lee Murray
  • Everything is Fine, by Grant Stone

Best Professional Artwork

  • Cover artwork for Write Off Line 2016: Everyone’s a Winner, by Kodi Murray
  • Cover artwork for Beyond the Stars, by Kodi Murray
  • Cover artwork for Chameleon Moon, by Laya Rose
  • Midnight Star, Laya Rose
  • Cover artwork for That Kind of Planet, by Emma Weakley
  • Cover artwork for At the Edge, by Emma Weakley

Best Professional Production / Publication

  • That Kind of Planet, by Emma Weakley

Best Dramatic Presentation

  • This Papier Mache Boulder is Actually Really Heavy, by Andrew Beszant and Christian Nicholson
  • Chronesthesia, directed by Hayden J. Weal, collaborator Simeon Duncombe
  • AFK: the webseries, episode 12, “ZERG,” directed by Peter Haynes

Fan Award Nominees

Best Fan Production/ Publication

  • Novazine, edited by Jacqui Smith
  • Phoenixine, edited by John and Lynelle Howell
  • Summer Star Trek: Mirror, Mirror

Best Fan Writing

  • Alex Lindsay for “SITREP,” Published in Phoenxine
  • Jacqui Smith, For contributions to Novazine
  • Octavia Cade, For “Food and Horror” Column Series

Best Fan Artist

  • Keith Smith, Contributions to Novazine

Special Award Nominees

Best New Talent

  • Eileen Mueller
  • Richard Parry
  • Laya Rose
  • Darian Smith

Services To Science Fiction, Fantasy And Horror

  • Lee Murray

Services To Fandom

  • Jan Butterworth
  • Lynelle Howell

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