Aurora Nominations

The 2017 Aurora Award ballot for English language has been announced. Members of the Canadian Science Fiction and Fantasy Association can vote between July 15 and midnight September 2. The awards will be presented at Canvention 37 in Halifax the weekend of September 22-24. This year, a special category for best work published between January 2001 and December 2010 has been added.

Best Novel

  • Children of Earth and Sky, by Guy Gavriel Kay
  • Company Town, by Madeline Ashby
  • The Courier, by Gerald Brandt
  • The Nature of a Pirate, by A.M. Dellamonica
  • Quantum Night, by Robert J. Sawyer
  • Stars like Cold Fire, by Brent Nichols

Best Young Adult Novel

  • Day of the Demon, by Randy McCharles
  • Door into Faerie, by Edward Willett
  • Heir to the Sky, by Amanda Sun
  • Icarus Down, by James Bow
  • Mik Murdoch: Crisis of Conscience, by Michell Plested
  • The Wizard Killer – Season One, by Adam Dreece

Best Short Fiction

  • “Age of Miracles,” by Robert Runté
  • “Frog Song,” by Erika Holt
  • “Living in Oz,” by Bev Geddes
  • “Marion’s War,” by Hayden Trenholm
  • “Seasons of Glass and Iron,” by Amal el-Mohtar
  • “When Phakack Came to Steal Papa” A Ti-Jean Story,” by Ace Jordyn

Best Poem/Song

No award will be given out in this category in 2017 due to insufficient eligible nominees

Best Graphic Novel

  • Angel Catbird, Volume One, by Margaret Atwood, Johnnie Christmas and Tamra Bonvillian
  • Crash and Burn, by Kate Larking and Finn Lucullan
  • Earthsong, by Crystal Yates
  • It Never Rains, by Kari Maaren
  • Weregeek, by Alina Pete

Best Related Work

  • Clockwork Canada: Steampunk Fiction, edited by Dominik Parisien
  • Enigma Front: Burnt, edited by Celeste A. Peters
  • Lazarus Risen, edited by Hayden Trenholm and Mike Rimar
  • Strangers Among Us: Tales of the Underdogs and Outcasts, edited by Susan Forest and Lucas K. Law
  • Superhero Universe (Tesseracts Nineteen), edited by Claude Lalumiére and Mark Sheinblum

Best Visual Presentation

  • Arrival, directed by Denis Villeneuve
  • Orphan Black, Season 4, by John Fawcett and Graeme Manson
  • Killjoys, Season 2, by Michelle Lovretta
  • Dark Matter, Season 2, by Joseph Mallozzi and Paul Mullie
  • Murdoch Mysteries, Season 9, by Peter Mitchell and Christina Jennings

Best Artist

  • Samantha M. Beiko, cover to Strangers Among Us: Tales of the Underdogs and Outcasts
  • James Beveridge, covers and poster art
  • Melissa Mary Duncan, body of work
  • Erik Mohr, covers for ChiZine Publications and Company Town for Tor Books
  • Dan O’Driscoll, covers for Bundoran Press

Best Fan Writing and Publications

  • Amazing Stories Magazine, weekly column by Steve Fahnestalk
  • BCSFAzine #512 to #519, edited by Felicity Walker
  • The Nerd is the Word, articles by Dylan McEvoy
  • OBIR Magazine #4, edited by R. Graeme Cameron
  • Silver Stag Entertainment, edited by S.M. Carriére
  • Speculating Canada, edited by Derek Newman-Stille

Best Fan Organizational

  • Samantha Beiko and Chadwick Ginther, co-chairs, Chiaroscuro Reading Series: Winnipeg
  • R. Graeme Cameron, chair, VCON 41, Surrey, BC
  • Sandra Kasturi and Angela Keeley, co-chairs, 2016 Toronto SpecFic Colloquium
  • Derek Künsken and Marie Bilodeau, executive, Can*Con 2016, Ottawa
  • Randy McCharles, chair, When Words Collide, Calgary
  • Matt Moore, Marie Bilodeau, and Nicole Lavigne, co-chairs, Chiaroscuro Reading Series: Ottawa
  • Sandra Wickham, chair, Creative Ink Festival, Burnaby, BC

Best Fan Related Work

  • Ron S. Friedman, “Villains and Conflicts” presentation, When Words Collide, Calgary Comic Expo, and File 770
  • Kari Maaren, Concert, SFContario
  • Derek Newman-Stille, Speculating Canada

Best of the Decade

  • Blind Lake, by Robert Charles Wilson, Tor Books
  • The Blue Ant Trilogy, by William Gibson, Berkley
  • Malazan Book of the Fallen, by Steven Erikson, Tor Books
  • The Neanderthal Parallax, by Robert J. Sawyer, Tor Books
  • The Onion Girl, by Charles de Lint, Tor Books
  • Under Heaven, by Guy Gavriel Kay, Viking Canada

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Premio Italia Winners

The forty-third Premio Italia Awards were announced at Italcon 43.

  • International SF Novel: Green Mars (Il verde di Marte), by Kim Stanley Robinson
  • Science Fiction Novel: Real Mars, by Alessandro Vietti
  • Fantasy Novel: Il segreto del vecchio cimitero, by Marco Di Giaimo and Giuseppe Bono
  • Anthology or Collection: Continuum Hopper, edited by Roberto Chiavini, Luca Ortino, and Gian Filippo Pizzo
  • Short Fiction: “Soluzione Omega,” by Claudio Chillemi
  • Essay: “Il grande universo dei mostri,” by Giovanni Mongini
  • Short Essay: “Chi odia i sequel?, by Emanuele Manco
  • Italian artist artwork: Oltre il pianeta del Vento (cover), by Franco Brambilla
  • Editor: Gabriella Cordone
  • Translator: Stefania Bronzoni
  • Bookline: Star Trek Continua, Ultimo Avamposto
  • Magazine: Robot
  • Fanzine or Fan Web Site: Andromeda,
  • Fan Short Fiction: “Gemelli diversi,” by Claudio Sonego
  • Fan Essay: “La Fantamedicina di Star Trek e l’odierna realizzazione dell’immaginato,” by Francesco Spadaro
  • Comics: Star Top Il ritorno by Bruno Enna
  • Movie: Lo chiamavano Jeeg Robot (They Call Me Jeeg)
  • TV Series: Stranger Things

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Cóyotl Awards

THe Cóyotl Awards were presented at Furlandia in Portland, OR on May 27. The Cóyotl Awards honor excellence in anthropomorphic fiction.

  • The Digital Coyote, by Kris Schnee
  • The Goat, by Bill Kieffer
  • “400 Rabbits,” by Alice “Huskyteer” Dryden
  • Gods with Fur, by Fred Patten

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Sunburst Nominees

The Sunburst Award for Excellence in Canadian Literature of the Fantastic is presented for the best in Canadian fantastic literature. The awards will be presented in Fall 2017 and include a prize of Can$1,000 and a trophy. This year’s jurors include Nancy Baker, Michel Basilières, Rebecca Bradley, Dominick Grace, and Sean Moreland..

Adult Fiction

  • The Spawning Grounds, by Gail Anderson-Dargatz
  • Company Town, by Madeline Ashby
  • Three Years With the Rat, by Jay Hosking
  • Spells of Blood and Kin, by Claire Humphrey
  • The Witches of New York, by Ami McKay
  • Certain Dark Things, by Silvia Moreno-Garcia
  • Sleeping Giants, by Sylvain Neuvel
  • The Angels of Our Better Beasts, by Jerome Stueart
  • Necessity, by Jo Walton
  • Last Year, by Robert Charles Wilson

Young Adult Fiction

  • Sophie Quire and the Last Storyguard, by Jonathan Auxier
  • The Hill, by Karen Bass
  • Transferral, by Kate Blair
  • Worlds of Ink and Shadow, by Lena Coakley
  • The Inn Between, by Marina Cohen
  • Julia Vanishes, by Catherine Egan
  • The Skids, by Ian Donald Keeling
  • Flickers, by Arthur Slade
  • Sheldon Unger vs The Dentures of Doom, by Jeff Szpirglas
  • The Road to Ever After, by Moira Young

Short Story

  • “Naïve Gods,” by Brad C. Anderson
  • “La Corriveau,” by K.T. Bryski
  • “The Dog and the Sleepwalker,” by James Alan Gardner
  • “The Seven O’Clock Man,” by Kate Heartfield
  • “All That Robot…,” by Rich Larson
  • “Caro in Carno,” by Helen Marshall
  • “Until There is Only Hunger,” by Michael Matheson
  • “The Night Stylist”,” by Peter Norman
  • “The Eye of The Swan,” by Kelly Robson
  • “The Second Waltz,” by Madeleine Thien
  • “The Men from Narrow Houses,” by A.C. Wise
  • “The Sailing of the Henry Charles Morgan in Six Pieces of Scrimshaw (1841),” by A.C. Wise

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Libertarian Special Award to Stanley

The Libertarian Futurist Society has announced a Prometheus Special Award to be presented to cartoonist Mark Stanley for the first chapter of his webcomic Freefall. The comic debuted on March 30, 1998 and the first chapter completed on July 11, 2016, making it eligible for consideration as a complete work. Stanley will receive a plaque and a gold coin. Freefall is the third comic to be honored by the LFS.
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Sawyer Received Heinlein Award

Robert J. Sawyer has been presented with the Heinlein Award at Balticon 51. The Heinlein Award is given to writers of science fiction and technical writers whose work inspires the exploration of space. The recipients are selected by a panel from the Heinlein Society. Sawyer received a plaque, a sterling silver medallion engraved with Heinlein’s likeness, and two lapel pins. Because Sawyer is the Guest of Honor at Conquest this weekend, he was unable to attend the presentation, however, he was able to participate remotely though Skype.
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Phoenix Comic Con Weapons Policy Change

On the first day of Phoenix Comic Con, police arrested an attendee who was carrying several knives, three hand guns, a shotgun, and other weapons on the convention center floor. In response to this, and working in conjunction with the local police, Phoenix Comic Con has announced that no prop weapons of any kind will be allowed on the floor beginning on Friday, May 26. In addition, entry to the con will be limited to three access points, with only one access point for people who don’t have a badge upon entry.
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Pegasus Nominating Ballot Opens

The form to nominate for this year’s Pegasus Awards for filk is now on-line. Nominations close on August 1. People can nominate up to five works/people in five categories. The winners will be announced at Ohio Valley Filk Fest.
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Obituary: Roger Moore

Actor Roger Moore (b.1927) died on May 23. Moore is best known for his roles as Simon Templar on The Saint and as the third actor to play James Bond in the primary James Bond series. He played Bond in the most science fictional episode of the series, Moonraker. He also appeared in an episode of Alias and in the animated film Cats & Dogs: The Revenge of Kitty Galore. In 1980, he won a Saturn Award as Most Popular International Performer.

Nebula for Game Writing

SFWA President Cat Rambo announced that there will be a fifth Nebula Award presented beginning in 2017. In addition to Nebula Awards for Best Novel, Novella, Novelette, and Short Story, there will be an award presented for Best Game Writing. Details of the award have not yet been announced.
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