Obituary: Rodney Leighton

Canadian fan Rodney Leighton (b.1948) died on June 18. Leighton published several different fanzines, including Life of Rodney, The Mail Carrier Brought It, Rodney’s Fanac, and more. Leighton was also a letterhack. Living in a small town in Nova Scotia, Leighton maintained his fanac and pubbing using copy machines and typewriters, without access to the internet. Chuck Conner eventually began scanning Leighton’s fanzines to OCR and resetting them for the internet in 2006.

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    […] LEIGHTON OBIT. Fanzine fan Rodney Leighton (1948-2017) died June 18. The SF Site News story says the Nova Scotia fan stayed with paperzines to the end. His titles included Life of Rodney, The […]

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