Ratified Business

Three pieces of business passed at MidAmeriCon II last year received their ratification at Worldcon 75 in Helsinki on Friday. The Young Adult fiction award was created, “December Is Good Enough,” which states that the deadline for nomination works for the Hugo should be moved to December 31 instead of January 31 passed, and “Two Years Are Enough,” which limits the nominations of the Hugo to members of the current or preceding Worldcon all passed, although Worldcon 76 is grandfathered in to the current three year nominating pool. Other business for ratification has been postponed until the Saturday Business Meeting.
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Young Adult Award Passes

The Worldcon Business Meeting at Helsinki ratified a motion passed last year to create a Young Adult Award to be given out with and administered during the Hugo Award process, although the award will not be a Hugo. The first award will be presented next year at Worldcon 76 in San Jose, California. A motion to name the award the Lodestar received first passage and will need to be ratified at next year’s Business Meeting. The passage of the name will not be retroactive, so the first year’s award will simply be known as the YA Award.
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Hugo Award Recognized by Guinness

The Guinness Book of World Records has announced that they have recognized the Hugo Awards as the longest running science fiction award. The Hugo Awards were initially given out in 1953 at Philcon II. The awards were not presented the following year, but have been presented every years since 1955, when they were presented at Clevention, in Cleveland. The 64th Hugo Awards will be presented later today at Worldcon 75 in Helsinki.

More Dragon Award Withdrawal

N.K. Jemisin has announced that she has asked to withdraw her novel, The Obelisk Gate from the Dragon Award ballot. Jemisin’s announcement comes on the heels of similar announcements by Alison Littlewood and John Scalzi. While the Dragon Awards initially stated they would not honor requests to withdraw works for consideration, they reversed their decision, caused Littlewood’s work to be withdrawn and Scalzi to allow his work to remain on the ballot.

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Dragon Award Ballot Change

After hearing criticism of their decision not to allow authors to withdraw their works from the ballot, the Dragon Awards have announced their decision to honor those requests. Alison Littlewood has removed her name from the ballot for her previously cited reasons. John Scalzi has elected to remain on the ballot to honor the Dragon Award’s decision and the fans who nominated him. Voters who have voted for Littlewood’s work will receive a new ballot. The deadline for voting has also been extended two days.
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Picacio and Hayes to GOH at Worldcon 76

Worldcon 76, scheduled to be held in 2018 in San Jose, California, has announced the additions of artist John Picacio musician Frank Hayes to their list of Guests of Honor. Picacio and Hayes join previously announced guests Spider Robinson, Chelsea Quinn Yarbro, and Pierre & Sandy Pettinger. Worldcon 76 is also honoring tow “GOHsts of Honor,” Edgar Pangborn and Bob Wilkins. Worldcon 76 will take place in San Jose, California from August 16-20, 2018.
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Godric’s Hollow for Sale

De Vere House, in the village of Levansham, England, is for sale. The estate was used as the exterior of Godric’s Hollow, where Harry Potter was born in the films based on J. K. Rowling’s novels. From the 14th to 17th century, the house belonged to the de Vere family, the second richest family in England, and Edward de Vere has been suggested as a possible writer of Shakespeare’s plays. The six-bedroom house is listed for £995.000.
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Worldcon 75 Maxes Out Sales

Worldcon 75 in Helsinki has announced that it is ending at-con membership sales. A larger than expected turnout in the last few weeks and at the door has resulted in overcrowding of function space. Only 100 day badges will be sold for each of the remaining days of the convention, although the trade hall will continue to be open to the public without charge.
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Dragon Refuses Withdrawals

As reported previously Alison Littlewood and John Scalzi have announced their decision to withdraw their works from consideration for the Dragon Awards. Littlewood has now posted a response from Pat Henry, Dragon Con’s President, refusing to remove her novel from the official ballot. Presumably, Scalzi has received a similar notification.
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Obituary: Gregg Calkins

Fan Gregg Calkins died on August 5. Calkins was active in APAs and fanzines since the 1950s and had letters published in Astounding, Fantastic Story, Science Fiction Review, and other magazines. He published the poem “Poetry Leaflet” in Fanfare in 1958. He edited the fanzine OOPSLA and his fanzine The Rambling Fap was part of FAPA.