BSFA Finalists

The British Science Fiction Association has announced the nominees for this year’s BSFA Awards, to be presented on the evening of Saturday, April 1, at the Majestic Hotel in Harrogate, during Follycon, the 69th British National Science Fiction Convention (Eastercon).

Best Novel

  • The Rift, by Nina Allen
  • Dreams Before the Start of Time, by Anne Charnock
  • Exit West, by Mohsin Hamid
  • Provenance, by Ann Lecki

Best Shorter Fiction

  • “The Enclave,” by Anne Charnock
  • “These Constellations Will Be Yours,” by Elaine Cuyegkeng
  • “Uncanny Valley,” by Greg Egan
  • “Angular Size,” by Geoff Nelder
  • “The Murders of Molly Southbourne,” by Tade Thompson

Best Non-Fiction

  • Iain M. Banks, by Paul Kincaid
  • “The Myth of Meritocracy and the Reality of the Leaky Pipe and Other Obstacles in Science Fiction & Fantasy,” by Juliet E McKenna
  • Wells at the World’s End, by Adam Roberts
  • The 2017 Shadow Clarke Award blog, by Shadow Clarke Award jurors
  • The Unthinkability of Climate Change: Thoughts on Amitav Ghosh’s The Great Derangement, by Vandana Singh

Best Artwork

  • Sundown Towns, by Geneva Benton
  • Cover for The Ion Raider, by Jim Burns
  • Illustration for “These Constellations Will Be Yours,” by Galen Dara
  • Cover for The Memoirist, by Chris Moore
  • Illustration for “Waiting on a Bright Moon,” by Victo Ngai
  • Cover for 2084, by Marcin Wolski

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Cybil Award Winners

The winnners for the 2017 Cybil Literary Award for Elementary and Middle Grade Speculative Fiction have been announced. The awards recognize the children’s and young adult authors and illustrators whose books combine the highest literary merit and popular appeal. Categories with winners of genre interest are listed below.

  • Elementary/Middle Grade Graphic Novels: Where’s Halmoni?, by Julie Kim
  • Elementary/Middle Grade Speculative Fiction: The Dragon with a Chocolate Heart, by Stephanie Burgis
  • Young Adult Graphic Novels: Spill Zone, by Scott Westerfeld
  • Young Adult Speculative Fiction: Scythe, by Neal Shusterman

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Tacoma Names Park for Herbert’s Dune

Tacoma, Washington has named an 11 acre park the “Dune Peninsula at Point Defiance Park” in honor of Tacoma-born science fiction author Frank Herbert. Herbert’s most well known novel in Dune, which focused on environmental issues. Despite Dune taking place mostly on a desert planet without water, the namesake park is surrounded by water on three sides. Tacoma has been trying to name the park for Herbert’s work since at least 2013.
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Obituary: Victor Milán

Victor Milán (b.1954) died on February 13. Milán co-wrote the War of Powers novels with Robert E. Vardeman and published his own novels, often using the pseudonyms Alex Archer, Robert Baron, S.L. Hunter, and Richard Austin. He published several BattleTech novels and many novels under the James Axler house name. In 1986, he won a Prometheus Award for his novel Cybernetic Samurai.

Dozois, Williams Receive Solstice Award

The Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America (SFWA) has announced that Gardner Dozois and Sheila Williams will receive the Kate Wilhelm Solstice Award to honor their editing careers in support of science fiction and fantasy. The award will be presented at the 53rd Annual Nebula Conference in Pittsburgh, PA, May 17th-20th, 2018.
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The Jews Are In Space

The Center for Jewish History in New York is holding an exhibit called “Jews In Space,” opening on February 26. Although the focus of the exhibit is on Jewish astronauts and astronomy, it will also include science fiction magazines and works in Yiddish, Polish, Russian, and English. Events during its run will include family programming and a chance to meet astronaut Jeffrey Hoffman, who brought a dreidel, Torah, and tallis with him on his shuttle missions.
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Mexicanx Initiative Update

John Picacio has announced several recipients of Worldcon 76 Memberships of his Mexicanx Initiative, sponsored by numerous science fiction artists, authors, and fans. So far, memberships have been provided to Mario Acevedo, Marcela Davison Avilés, David Bowles, Libia Brenda Castro, J.C. Cervantes, Sara Felix, Bernardo “Bef” Fernández, Héctor Gonzalez, F.G. Haghenbeck, Angela Lujan, Gabriela Damian Miravete, Gerardo Horacio Porcayo, Smok, Tanya Leal Soto, Robbie Trevino, Gary Villarreal, and Gabriela Frias Villegas. Picacio has said that additional recipients will be announced next week.
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Obituary: Marty Allen

Comedian Marty Allen (b.Morton David Alpern, 1922) died on February 12. Best known as a nightclub comedian, he teamed up with Steve Rossi to form the act Allen & Rossi, which appeared on the Ed Sullivan Show the night the Beatles debuted. He made several films and television appearances, including in an episode of Night Gallery.

Obituary: Jóhann Jóhannsson

Composer Jóhann Jóhannsson (b.1969) died on February 9. Jóhannsson composed the music for the films Arrival and The Theory of Everything, being nominated for an Oscar for the latter film, as well as Sicario. Other science fiction films with his music included By day and by Night and the shorts Junk Love and The Sea of Perdition.

Obituary: John Gavin

Actor John Gavin (b.Juan Vincent Apablasa, 1931) died on February 9. Gavin appeared in the films Psycho, Pedro Páramo, and an episode of The Wide World of Mystery. He left acting in 1981 to serve as the Ambassador to Mexico during the Reagan administration.