Nebula Awards

The Nebula Awards were presented on Saturday, June 6 at the Palmer House Hilton in Chicago during the Nebula Weekend celebrating the 50th anniversary of SFWA. The award ceremony was hosted by Nick Offerman. The Solstice, Grand Master, and Service Awards had all been previously announced. Reportage on this and other items has been delayed as the editor of SF Site News was chairing this year’s Nebula Weekend.

  • Novel: Annihilation, by Jeff VanderMeer
  • Novella: Yesterday’s Kin, by Nancy Kress
  • Novelette: “A Guide to the Fruits of Hawai’i,” by Alaya Dawn Johnson
  • Short Story: “Jackalope Wives,” by Ursula Vernon
  • Ray Bradbury Award for Outstanding Dramatic Presentation: Guardians of the Galaxy, written by James Gunn and Nicole Perlman
  • Andre Norton Award for Young Adult Science Fiction and Fantasy: Love Is the Drug, by Alaya Dawn Johnson
  • 2015 Damon Knight Grand Master Award: Larry Niven
  • Solstice Award: Joanna Russ (posthumous), Stanley Schmidt
  • Kevin O’Donnell Jr. Service Award: Jeffry Dwight

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Northbound DUFF Race Postponed

The administrators of the Down Under Fan Fund (DUFF) have announced that no northbound race would be held this year. Julian Warner and Justin Ackroyd took over the administrator duties from Bill Wright Juanita Coulson in April at Wright’s request. They need a period of time to replenish funds and to allow for a well-organised campaign for next year. In addition, Lucy Huntzinger has offer to take over the administration of North American funds.
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Sapienza Endowment Established

Chicon 7 has created the Peggy Rae Sapienza Endowment at Northern Illinois University in DeKalb using surplus funds. The purpose of the Fund is to provide financial support to benefit the Northern Illinois University Library, Special Collections, for the procurement, preservation, and promotion of materials germane to the study of Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror and their fandoms. The initial endowment of $25,000 was made at a Reception during the Nebula Award Weekend in Chicago and represents the last of Chicon 7′s surplus, and Chicon invites other individuals and organizations to donate to the endowment to improve its efficacy. Steven H Silver, who was one of three Chicon 7 Vice Chairs, will serve as the fund’s trustee.

Obituary: Kate Chappell

Visual effects artist Kate Chappell (b.1985) was killed by a lion in South Africa on June 1. Chappell has worked on Captain America: The Winter Soldier, Godzilla, The Secret Life of Walter Mitty, and Game of Thrones. At the time of the lion attack, she was taking pictures of lions to raise money for organizations that protect animals from poachers.

Chaosium: Return of the Old Boss

Chaosium has announced that Greg Stafford, founder of the company and creator of Glorantha, has been named President and CEO of the company and that Sandy Petersen, who developed the original Call of Cthulhu will also be rejoining the company.

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Mythopoeic Nominees

The nominees for the Mythopoeic Awards have been announced. In addition to fiction awards for adult and children’s literature, the awards also recognize scholarship in fantasy literature and Inkling studies. The winners of this year’s awards will be announced during Mythcon 46, during the weekend of July 31-August 3, in Colorado Springs.

Mythopoeic Fantasy Award for Adult Literature

  • Tales from Rugosa Coven, by Sarah Avery
  • The Angel of Losses, by Stephanie Feldman
  • Songs for Ophelia, by Theodora Goss
  • The Gospel of Loki, by Joanne M. Harris
  • Locke & Key series, consisting of Vol. 1: Welcome to Lovecraft; Vol. 2: Head Games; Vol. 3: Crown of Shadow; Vol.4: Keys to the Kingdom; Vol. 5: Clockworks; and Vol. 6: Alpha & Omega, by Joe Hill and Gabriel Rodriguez

Mythopoeic Fantasy Award for Children’s Literature

  • The Night Gardener, by Jonathan Auxier
  • The Castle Behind Thorns, by Merrie Haskell
  • The Islands of Chaldea, by Diana Wynne Jones and Ursula Jones
  • His Fair Assassin series, consisting of Grave Mercy; Dark Triumph; and Mortal Heart, by Robin LaFevers
  • A Snicker of Magic, by Natalie Lloyd

Mythopoeic Scholarship Award in Inklings Studies

  • C.S. Lewis and the Middle Ages, by Robert Boenig
  • C. S. Lewis and gender series, consisting of The Feminine Ethos in C. S. Lewis’s Chronicles of Narnia; The Gender Dance: Ironic Subversion in C. S. Lewis’s Cosmic Trilogy; and Surprised by the Feminine: A Rereading of C. S. Lewis and Gender, by Monika B. Hilder
  • Tolkien in the New Century: Essays in Honor of Tom Shippey, edited by John Wm. Houghton, Janet Brennan Croft, Nancy Martsch, John D. Rateliff, and Robin Anne Reid
  • Tolkien at Exeter College: How an Undergraduate Created Middle-earth, by John Garth
  • Beowulf: A Translation and Commentary, Together with Sellic Spell, by J. R. R. Tolkien, edited by Christopher Tolkien

Mythopoeic Scholarship Award in Myth and Fantasy Studies

  • Stories About Stories: Fantasy and the Remaking of Myth, by Brian Attebery
  • George MacDonald: Divine Carelessness and Fairytale Levity, by Daniel Gabelman
  • From the Forest: The Hidden Roots of our Fairy Tales, by Sara Maitland
  • As If: Modern Enchantment and the Literary Prehistory of Virtual Reality, by Michael Saler
  • Peter Pan’s Shadows in the Modern Literary Imagination, by Kristen Stirling

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Gemmell Ballots Available

The nominees for the Gemmell Awards for fantasy have been announced. The Gemmell Awards are popularly voted awards. Anyone can vote by visiting the Gemmell Award website. The winners will be announced August 8, 2015 in a ceremony at Nine Worlds Geekfest.

The Legend Award for Best Fantasy Novel:

  • Half a King, by Joe Abercrombie
  • Valour, by John Gwynne
  • Prince of Fools, by Mark Lawrence
  • Words of Radiance, by Brandon Sanderson
  • The Broken Eye, by Brent Weeks

The Morningstar Award for Best Fantasy Newcomer:

  • Traitor’s Blade, by Sebastien de Castell
  • The Mirror Empire, by Kameron Hurley
  • The Godless, by Ben Peek
  • The Emperor’s Blades, by Brian Staveley
  • Age of Iron, by Angus Watson

The Ravenheart Award for Best Fantasy Cover Art:

  • Laura Brett for The Slow Regard of Silent Things
  • Mike Bryan for Half a King
  • Jason Chan for Prince of Fools
  • Sam Green for Words of Radiance
  • Jackie Morris for The Fool’s Assassin

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Cóyotl Awards Nominees

The nominees for the fourth annual Cóyotl Awards, honoring excellence in anthropomorphic fiction, have been announced by the Furry Writers’ Guild. Voting is open through August 15.

Best Novel

  • The Bees, by Laline Paull
  • Bête, by Adam Roberts
  • Off the Beaten Path, by Rukis

Best Novella

  • “Going Concerns,” by Watts Martin
  • “Huntress,” by Renee Carter Hall
  • “The Mysterious Affair of Giles,” by Kyell Gold

Best Short Story

  • “Cold Scent,” by Alice Dryden
  • “Jackalope Wives,” by Ursula Vernon
  • “Pavlov’s House,” by Malcolm Cross

Best Anthology

  • Abandoned Places, edited by Tarl “Voice” Hoch
  • Tales from the Guild: Music to Your Ears, edited by AnthroAquatic

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Lambda Award Winners

The annual Lambda Awards for LGBT literature were presented on June 1, in New York City at the 27th Annual Lambda Literary Awards Ceremony. The winner of genre interest are listed below.

  • Graphic Novel: Second Avenue Caper, by Joyce Brabner, Art by Mark Zingarelli
  • SF/Fantasy/Horror: Bitter Waters, by Chaz Brenchley

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Audie Award Winners

The Audie Awards were presented during the BEA in New York on May 28. The Audie Awards recognize excellence in audio books. Winners of genre interest are listed below.

  • Chidlren’s Titles for Ages 8-12: The Graveyard Book, by Neil Gaiman; Narrated by Derek Jacobi, Neil Gaiman, Robert Madge, Clare Corbett, Miriam Margolyes, Andrew Scott, and Julian Rhind-Tutt
  • Distinguished Achievement in Production: The Graveyard Book, by Neil Gaiman; Narrated by Derek Jacobi, Neil Gaiman, Robert Madge, Clare Corbett, Miriam Margolyes, Andrew Scott, and Julian Rhind-Tutt
  • Paranormal: The Girl with All the Gifts, by M.R. Carey; Narrated by Finty Williams
  • Science Fiction: The Martian; by Andy Weir; Narrated by R.C. Bray
  • Fantasy: Words of Radiance, by Brandon Sanderson; Narrated by Kate Reading and Michael Kramer
  • Multi-Voiced Performance: The Graveyard Book, by Neil Gaiman; Narrated by Derek Jacobi, Neil Gaiman, Robert Madge, Clare Corbett, Miriam Margolyes, Andrew Scott, and Julian Rhind-Tutt
  • Solo Narration – Male: The Hero’s Guide to Being an Outlaw, by Christopher Healy; Narrated by Bronson Pinchot
  • Package Design: The Light at the End, by Nicholas Briggs; Package Design by Alex Mallinson

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