Obituary: Fred Crippen

Animator Fred Crippen (b.1928) died on March 22. Crippen formed Pantomime Studios in 1958 and went on to create the cartoon Roger Ramjet, which aired for 5 seasons. Crippen later worked on Men in Black: The Series, Yogi’s Space Race, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and other cartoons. He also taught art at a variety of colleges in southern California.

Amazing Stories Kickstarter

Amazing Stories is midway through its Kickstarter campaign to bring the magazine back o a print formay. The first issue of the magazine is mostly set and they plan to open the magazine to submissions in April. Managing Editor Ira Nayman has noted that he will be looking for optimistic science fiction as well as works from marginalized voices.
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Starbase Indy on Hiatus

Starbase Indy has announced that there will not be an event held in 2018. According to a post on their Facebook page, upper management is not currently in a situation based on fanpower or finances to hold the event, although the post leaves open the possibility of a revival of the event.

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Obituary: David Bischoff

Author David Bischoff (b.1951) died on March 19. Bischoff’s first novel, The Seeker, was published in 1976. His 1977 story, “Tin Woodman,” written with Dennis R. Bailey, was nominated for the Nebula Award for Best Short Story. Other novels included two books in the Bill, the Galactic Hero series, two Dr. Dimension books written with John DeChancie, and several film and television novelizations. He also wrote screenplays for the television series Dinosaucers, Star Trek: The Next Generation, and Space Precinct.

Obituary: Philip Kerr

Scottish author Philip Kerr (b.1956) died on March 23. Writing as P.B. Kerr, he wrote the Children of the Lamp series as well as the novel One Small Step. Kerr also wrote under his own name and several books using the pseudonym Bernard Gunther.

Prometheus Award Nominees

This year’s nominees for the Prometheus Award have been announced. The awards are presented by the Libertarian Futurist Society and winners will be announced in August at Worldcon 76, which will be held in San Jose, California.

Prometheus Awards

  • Drug Lord: High Ground, by Doug Casey and John Hunt
  • The Powers of the Earth, by Travis Corcoran
  • Torchship, Torchship Pilot, and Torchship Captain, by Karl Gallagher
  • Darkship Revenge, by Sarah Hoyt
  • The Corporation Wars: Emergence, by Ken MacLeod
  • Artemis, by Andy Weir

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Obituary: Rennie Levine

Filker Rennie Levine (b.1954) died on March 21. Levine was active in New York and East Coast filk circles and is known for songs like “FIAWOL (Filking Is A Way Of Life).” In 1998, her song “Ode to the Sci Fi Channel” won first place in the OVFF Songwriting Contest in the TV Theme Songs category.

Obituary: Earl Cooley III

Texas fan Earl Cooley III died on March 20. Cooley volunteered at Armadillocon, including maintaining the convention’s website. He was also the SysOp for the SMOF BBS in Austin.

Kitschies Short List Announced

The nominees for the 2017 Kitschies, presented for the most progressive, intelligent, and entertaining works of genre fiction. Winners will receive a cash prize and a trophy. The winners will be announced on April 9.

The Red Tentacle (Novel)

  • Black Wave, by Michelle Tea
  • The Rift, by Nina Allen
  • We See Everything, by William Sutcliffe
  • Fever, by Deon Meyer, translated by L. Seegers
  • City of Circles, by Jess Richards

The Golden Tentacle (Debut)

  • How Saints Die, by Carmen Marcus
  • Hunger Makes the Wolf, by Alex “Acks” Wells
  • Age of Assassins, by R.J. Barker
  • The Black Tides of Heaven, by JY Yang
  • Mandlebrot the Magnificent, by Liz Ziemska

The Inky Tentacle (Cover Art)

  • Kate Saunder’s The Land of Neverendings, illustrated by David Dean
  • Michelle Tea’s Black Wave, illustrated by Rose Stafford, design by Hannah Naughton
  • Maja Lunde’s The History of Bees, design by Jack Smyth and the S&S Art Department
  • Adam Roberts’s The Real-Town Murders, jacket design and illustration by Black Sheep
  • Gavin Chait’s Our Memory of Dust, design by Richard Shailer

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Baen Memorial Winners

The winner of the 2018 Jim Baen Memorial Short Story Award, sponsored by Baen Books and the National Space Society, have been announced. The contest looks for stories which explore the promise of space exploration. The winner will be published as the featured story on the Baen Books main website and paid at the normal paying rates for professional stories and receive an award, membership to the 2018 International Space Development Conference, a year’s membership in the National Space Society, and a prize package containing various Baen Books and National Space Society merchandise.

  • Grand Prize: “Homunculus,” by Stephen Lawson
  • 2nd Place: “Dangerous Company,” by C. Stuart Hardwick
  • 3rd Place: “Falling to the Moon,” by Wendy Nikel
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