Pegasus Nominees

The finalists for the 2014 Pegasus Award have been announced. On-line voting is open to anyone with an interest in the filk community until October 18. The winners will be announced at Ohio Valley Filk Festival the weekend of October 23-25.

Best Filk Song

  • “Being Watson,” by Kari Maaren
  • “Child of the Library,” by Piers & Gill Cawley
  • “My Story Is Not Done,” by Seanan McGuire
  • “Pageant Legend,” by Katy Dröge-Macdonald /Ju Honisch
  • “Somebody Will,” by Ada Palmer

Best Classic Filk Song

  • “Before The Dawn,” by Mike Whitaker
  • “Captain Jack & the Mermaid,” by Meg Davis
  • “Die Puppen (The Dolls),” by Eva Van Daele-Hunt
  • “Following in Valentina’s Footsteps,” by Valerie Housden
  • “Ship Of Stone,” by Don Simpson

Best Performer

  • Jeff and Maya Bohnhoff
  • The Cast of “Before the Dawn” at Loncon 2014
  • Playing Rapunzel
  • Three-Fifths
  • Twotonic

Best Writer/Composer

  • Barry Childs-Helton
  • W. Randy Hoffman
  • Kari Maaren
  • Eva Van Daele-Hunt

Best Adapted Song

  • “Be Our GoH,” by Tom Smith
  • “Come to Mordor,” by Jeff Bohnhoff
  • “Grabthar’s Silver Hammer,” by Steve Macdonald
  • “Meat,” by Kathleen Sloan
  • “Threes Rev. 1.1,” by Duane Elms

Best Time-Related Song

  • “Gabriel Gray’s Song,” by Batya Wittenberg
  • “The Grandfather Clock,” by Cecilia Eng
  • “One Last Dance,” by Bill Roper
  • “Precious Moments,” by Phil Allcock
  • “Starlight & Saxophone,” by Tom Smith

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Chesley Award Winners

The Chesley Awards, for artwork produced in 2014, were presented at Sasquan on the afternoon of August 20. The awards are presented by ASFA.

  • Best Cover Illustration / Hardcover
: Julie Dillon for Shadows Beneath: The Writing Excuses Anthology, edited by Brandon Sanderson
  • Best Cover Illustration – Paperback
: Raoul Vitale for Nebula Awards Showcase 2014, edited by Kij Johnson
  • Best Cover Illustration – Magazine: Julie Dillon for Analog, April 2014
  • Best Interior Illustration: 
Anna Balbusso and Elena Balbusso for “Ekaterina and the Firebird,” by Abra Staffin-Wiebe;, January 2014
  • Best Color Work – Unpublished
: Michael C. Hayes, Alegretto oils
  • Best Monochrome Work – Unpublished: 
Allen Williams for “Sphynx” graphite
  • Best Three-Dimensional Art
: Dan Chudzinski for The Mudpuppy, resin & mixed media
  • Best Gaming Related Illustration: Peter Mohrbacher for Pharika, God of Affliction Magic card, Journey into Nyx; WotC, May 2014
  • Best Product Illustration: 
Donato Giancola for George R.R. Martin Song of Ice and Fire 2015 calendar, Bantam, 2014
  • Best Art Director
: Irene Gallo, Tor &
  • Lifetime Artistic Achievement Award
: John Harris

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Sidewise Award Winners

The Sidewise Awards for Alternate History winners have been announced ahead of Sasquan. Due to the inability of any of the judges to attend Sasquan, the decision was made to cancel the presentation at the convention and announce the winners prior to the con.

  • Short Form: “The Long Haul: From the Annals of Transportation, The Pacific Monthly, May 2009,” by Ken Liu
  • Long Form: The Enemy Within by Kristine Kathryn Rusch

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Baen Fantasy Award Winner

The winners of the Baen Fantasy Adventure Award were announced at Gen Con. The winner’s work will be published on the Baen website with the winner receiving professional pay and a selection of Baen Books.

  • Grand Price: “Kiss from a Queen,” by Jeff Provine
  • First Runner-Up: “Trappists,” by Katherine Monasterio
  • Second Runner-Up: “Shell Game,” by Joseph L. Kellogg

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Parsec Nominees

The nominations for this year’s Parsec Awards, presented for excellence in science fiction podcasting, have been released. The winners will be announced at Dragon*Con in Atlanta.

Best Speculative Fiction Story: Small Cast (Short Form)

  • “The Greater Good,” by Edwin Crowe
  • “A Story to Scare My Son,” by R. D. Ovenfriend
  • “Madness Above the Clouds,” by Michael Marks
  • “Shimmer,” by Amanda Davis
  • “Singing with All my Skin and Bone,” by Sunny Moraine

Best Speculative Fiction Story: Small Cast (Long Form)

  • The Secret World Chronicles
  • The Black
  • “Eater of Bone,” by Robert Reed
  • Bear Spirit
  • The Ghost Train of New Orleans

Best Speculative Fiction Story: Large Cast (Short Form)

  • “Last Contact,” by Rish Outfield and Bigg Anklevich
  • “Monster!” by V. C. Morrison
  • “Super-Baby-Moms Group Saves the Day,” by Tina Connolly
  • “The Screwfly Solution,” by James Tiptree, Jr.
  • “Red Legacy,” by Eneasz Brodski
  • “Say UNcle,” by Rish Outfield

Best Speculative Fiction Audio Drama (Short Form)

  • “The Philadelphia Xperiment,” by John Ballentine
  • “Ghosts of Flannan Lighthouse,” by John Ballentine
  • “A Prophet’s Guide,” by Matthew J. Boudreau
  • “Space Casey Season 2,” by Christiana Ellis
  • “Aaron’s World,” by Mike Meraz and Aaron Meraz
  • “Alba Salix, Royal Physician,” by Eli McIlveen

Best Speculative Fiction Audio Drama (Long Form)

  • The Once and Future Nerd
  • Star Trek: Outpost
  • Balancing Act, by Mike Murphy
  • The Sinister Secret of StarNasty, or, A Mike in the Mechanics, by Michael McQuilkin and Richard Wentworth
  • Transference, by Sydney Leigh

Best Speculative Fiction Video Story

  • Mario Warfare
  • Princess Scientist’s Advent Calendar
  • The Ultimate Nerd-ament with Stanley & JAX
  • Grant’s Advent Calendar Video Podcast

Best Speculative Fiction Magazine or Anthology Podcast

  • Cast of Wonders
  • Pseudopod
  • Seminar: An Original Anthology Show
  • The Uncanny Podcast
  • The NoSleep Podcast

Best New Speculative Fiction Podcaster/Team

  • PleasureTown
  • Audtio Drama Production Podcast
  • Women at Warp – A Star Trek Podcast
  • Lost in Williamsburg
  • The Ultimate Nerd-ament with Stanley and JAX

Best Speculative Fiction Fan or News Podcast (Specific)

  • The Ready Room
  • Cyborgs: A Bionic Podcast
  • Arrow Squad
  • Dusted: A Buffy Podcast
  • Rachel and Miles X-Plain the X-Men
  • The Scot and the Sassenach

Best Speculative Fiction Fan or News Podcast (General)

  • The Incomperable
  • Anomaly Podcast
  • The 602 Club
  • The Scifi Diner Podcast
  • Geek Radio Daily

Best Podcast about Speculative Fiction Content Creation

  • Literary Treks
  • Axanar: The Official Podcast
  • Continuing Mission
  • The Journeyman Writer
  • The Roundtable Podcast

Best Fact Behind the Fiction Podcast

  • Blurry Photos
  • Faculty of Horror
  • Weird Things
  • Hubblecast
  • Universe Today’s Guide to Space

Best Speculative Fiction Comedy/Parody Podcast

  • Blastropodcast
  • Comedy4Cast
  • [1] New Message
  • Rude Alchemy
  • I Remembered It…Better

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Poetry Grand Masters Named

The Science Fiction Poetry Association has named two new Poetry Grand Masters, the first since 2010. Marge Ballif Simon and Steve Sneyd have received the honor for their years of publishing poetry in a variety of places. Simon’s work has previously received the Bram Stoker Award, the Rhysling Award, the Dwarf Stars Award, and the Strange Horizons Readers Award. In addition to publishing his own Poetry, Sneyd presents the annual DataDump Award and has published numerous other poets.

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Mythopoeic Awards

The winners of the 2015 Mythopoeic Society Awards were announced on August 2 at Mythcon 46 in Colorado Springs, CO.

  • Mythopoeic Fantasy Award for Adult Literature: Tales from Rugosa Coven, by Sarah Avery
  • Mythopoeic Fantasy Award for Children’s Literature: A Snicker of Magic, by Natalie Lloyd
  • Mythopoeic Scholarship Award in Inklings Studies: C.S. Lewis and the Middle Ages, by Robert Boenig
  • Mythopoeic Scholarship Award in Myth and Fantasy Studies: Stories About Stories: Fantasy and the Remaking of Myth, by Brian Attebery

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ENnie Awards Announced

The ENnie Awards honor the best in Role-playing publishing. The awards were presented at Gen Con on July 31. The judges for the 2016 were announced as Jakub Nowosad, Kayra KeriKupcu, Kiel Cheiner, Kurt Wiegel, and Stacy Muth.

Judges’ Spotlight Winners:

  • Dragons in the Stacks: A Teen Librarian’s Guide to Tabletop Role-Playing, by Annah Madrinan
  • Wicked Lies and Alibis, by Stacy Muth
  • Posthuman Pathways, by Jakub Nowosad
  • Firefly Echoes of War: Thrillin’ Heroics, by Kayra Keri Küpçü
  • East Texas University, by Kurt Wiegel
  • Best Adventure: Horror on the Orient Express
  • Best Aid/Accessory: D&D Dungeon Master’s Screen
  • Best Art, Cover: Rise of Tiamat
  • Best Art, Interior: D&D Monster Manual
  • Best Blog: ConTessa – Tabletop gaming by women for everyone!
  • Best Cartography: Ninth World Guidebook
  • Best Electronic Book: Basic Rules for D&D
  • Best Family Game: D&D Starter Set
  • Best Free Product: Basic Rules for D&D
  • Best Game: D&D Player’s Handbook
  • Best Miniature Product: D&D Icons of the Realms: Elemental Evil Boosters
  • Best Monster/Adversary: D&D Monster Manual
  • Best Podcast: Ken and Robin Talk About Stuff
  • Best Production Values: D&D Starter Set
  • Best RPG Related Product:Designers & Dragons: A History of the Roleplaying Game Industry
  • Best Rules: D&D Player’s Handbook
  • Best Setting: A Red & Pleasant Land
  • Best Software: Roll20
  • Best Supplement: D&D Dungeon Master’s Guide
  • Best Website: The Escapist
  • Best Writing: A Red & Pleasant Land
  • Product of the Year: D&D Player’s Handbook
  • Fan’s Choice for Publisher of the Year: Wizards of the Coast.

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MSFW Awards

The Association of Professional Futurists has announced the winners of the Most Significant Future Works for 2015 in three categories.

Advance the methodology and practice of foresight and futures studies

  • The Thing from the Future
  • Research Foresights: The Use of Strategic Foresight Methods for Ideation and Portfolio Management, by Ted Farrington, Keith Henson, & Christian Crews

Analyze a significant future issue

  • Mutative Media: Communication Technologies and Power Relations in the Past, Present, and Futures, by James A. Dator, John A. Sweeney, and Aubrey M. Yee

Illuminate the future through literary or artistic works

  • Byologic/Zed.TO, by Trevor Haldenby
  • The Museum of Future Government Services
  • Hieroglyph: Stories & Visions for a Better Future, edited by Kathryn Cramer, Ed Finn, and Neal Stephenson

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British Fantasy Award Nominations

The British Fantasy Away nominees have been announced. The winners be selected by the previously announced juries, while the British Fantasy Society committee will pick the winner of the special award (the Karl Edward Wagner Award). The winners will be announced at an awards ceremony at FantasyCon 2015 in Nottingham on 25 October 2015.

Best Anthology

  • The Alchemy Press Book of Urban Mythic 2, edited by Jan Edwards and Jenny Barber
  • Horror Uncut: Tales of Social Insecurity and Economic Unease, edited by by Joel Lane and Tom Johnstone
  • Lightspeed: Women Destroy Science Fiction Special Issue, edited by Christie Yant
  • The Spectral Book of Horror Stories, edited by Mark Morris
  • Terror Tales of Wales, edited by Paul Finch

Best Artist

  • Ben Baldwin
  • Vincent Chong
  • Les Edwards
  • Sarah Anne Langton
  • Karla Ortiz
  • Daniele Serra

Best Collection

  • Black Gods Kiss, by Lavie Tidhar
  • The Bright Day Is Done, by Carole Johnstone
  • Gifts for the One Who Comes After, by Helen Marshall
  • Nick Nightmare Investigates, by Adrian Cole
  • Scruffians! Stories of Better Sodomites, by Hal Duncan

Best Comic/Graphic Novel

  • Cemetery Girl, by Charlaine Harris, Christopher Golden and Don Kramer
  • Grandville Noël, by Bryan Talbot
  • Saga, by Brian K. Vaughan and Fiona Staples
  • Seconds, by Bryan Lee O’Malley
  • Through the Woods, by Emily Carroll
  • The Wicked + The Divine, by Kieron Gillen and Jamie McKelvie

Best Fantasy Novel (The Robert Holdstock Award)

  • Breed, by KT Davies
  • City of Stairs, by Robert Jackson Bennett
  • Cuckoo Song, by Frances Hardinge
  • A Man Lies Dreaming, by Lavie Tidhar
  • The Moon King, by Neil Williamson
  • The Relic Guild, by Edward Cox

Best Film/Television Episode

  • Birdman: Or (The Unexpected Virtue of Ignorance), by Alejandro González Iñárritu
  • Black Mirror: White Christmas, by Charlie Brooker
  • Guardians of the Galaxy, by James Gunn and Nicole Perlman
  • Interstellar, by Christopher Nolan and Jonathan Nolan
  • Under the Skin, by Walter Campbell and Jonathan Glazer

Best Horror Novel (the August Derleth Award)

  • The End, by Gary McMahon
  • The Girl With All the Gifts, by M.R. Carey
  • The Last Plague, by Rich Hawkins
  • No One Gets Out Alive, by Adam Nevill
  • Station Eleven, by Emily St John Mandel
  • The Unquiet House, by Alison Littlewood

Best Independent Press

  • The Alchemy Press (Peter Coleborn)
  • Fox Spirit Books (Adele Wearing)
  • NewCon Press (Ian Whates)
  • Spectral Press (Simon Marshall-Jones)

Best Magazine/Periodical

  • Black Static, edited by Andy Cox
  • Holdfast Magazine, edited by Laurel Sills and Lucy Smee
  • Interzone, edited by Andy Cox
  • Lightspeed, edited by John Joseph Adams
  • Sein und Werden, edited by Rachel Kendall

Best Newcomer (The Sydney J. Bounds Award)

  • Edward Cox, for The Relic Guild
  • Sarah Lotz, for The Three
  • Laura Mauro, for “Ptichka”
  • Den Patrick, for The Boy with the Porcelain Blade
  • Jen Williams, for The Copper Promise

Best Non-Fiction

  • D.F. Lewis Dreamcatcher Real-Time Reviews, by D.F. Lewis
  • Ginger Nuts of Horror, edited by Jim McLeod
  • Letters to Arkham: The Letters of Ramsey Campbell and August Derleth, 1961–1971, edited by S.T. Joshi
  • Rhapsody: Notes on Strange Fictions, by Hal Duncan
  • Sibilant Fricative: Essays & Reviews, by Adam Roberts
  • Touchstones: Essays on the Fantastic, by John Howard
  • You Are the Hero: A History of Fighting Fantasy Gamebooks, by Jonathan Green

Best Novella

  • Cold Turkey, by Carole Johnstone
  • Drive, by Mark West
  • Newspaper Heart, by Stephen Volk
  • Water For Drowning, by Ray Cluley

Best Short Story

  • “A Change of Heart,” by Gaie Sebold
  • “The Girl on the Suicide Bridge,” by J.A. Mains
  • “Ptichka,” by Laura Mauro
  • “A Woman’s Place,” by Emma Newman

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