Chicon 7 Art Show Results

Chicon 7 presented the following awards for works depicted in the art show, including a Jane Frank Guest of Honor’s Choice Award. Artist Guest of Honor Rowena Morrill, was unable to attend the convention, but was represented by her partner and her sister. Richard Hescox’s piece is included in the Chicon 7 Artist Showcase, which was for sale at the convention. Copies of the 52 page book should continue to be available from Offworld Designs.

Judges’ Awards

  • Abrisonde, by Tom Kidd
  • Siege Turtle Catapult, by Butch Honeck
  • Body of Work, by Elizabeth Berrien
  • Cylinders, by Jean-Pierre Normand
  • Sky Course Rivalry, by Mitchell Bentley
  • Heart of Atlantis, by Richard Hescox
  • Jupiter from Io, by delphyne woods
  • Primeval, by Caroline Nicita
  • The Jane Frank Guest of Honor’s Choice Award: Permette Signorina, by Rowena
  • The Lewis Grant Jr. Fan Choice Award: Entwife, Tree Spirit, by Elizabeth Berrien
  • Chicon 7 Masquerade Results

    The Chicon 7 Masquerade was held on August 1. Presentation judges included John Hertz, Bethany S. Padron, and Jon Stopa. The Workmanship judges included Carole Parker and Gregory Rihn. Chicon 7 named their Best in Show (Presentation) Award in honor of Chicon 5 GoH Joni Stopa, who was instrumental in creating modern Masquerades. Chicon 7 also arranged for fans with severe visual impairment to have the opportunity to touch and examine the costumes during the half-time period.

    Presentation Awards:

    • Most Compelling, Novice: Sith Inquisitor, by S. Kay Nash
    • Best Choreography, Novice: Prince Zuko of the Fire, by Torrey Stenmark
    • Most Humorous, Novice: Dragon Rider of Pern, by Sharon Bass, Barbara Galler-Smith, and Ita Vanedenbrock
    • Best in Class, Novice: Folken Fanel, by Mark Cloud
    • Best Re-Creation, Journeyman: Sakura Hime from Tsubasa, by Michelle Mussoni
    • Best Original, Journeyman: Mad Madame M’s Marvelous Machine, by Margaret Gentile
    • Best in Class, Master: Leather Sole Airship Pirates, by Charles, Kendra, and Paul Wayman
    • Joni Stopa Award for Best in Show: Lady of the Lake, by Aurora Celeste

    Workmanship Awards:

    • Wing Work, Novice: Folken Fanel, by Mark Cloud
    • Dye Work, Novice: Steampunk Kimono, by Emma Roberts
    • Make-Up, Novice: Sith Inquisitor, by S. Kay Nash
    • Pattern Modification & Repurposing of Materials, Novice: Dragon Riders of Pern
    • Embroidery, Novice: (tie) Sally Ragdoll and Suzaku the Phoenix
    • Most Daring Workmanship, Novice: Phedre as Mara
    • Best Novice Workmanship: Suzaku the Phoenix
    • Form, Journeyman: Gur
    • Feathers, Journeyman: Sakura Hime from Tsubasa
    • Attention to Detail, Journeyman: Mad Madame M’s Marvelous Machine, by Margaret Gentile
    • Best Journeyman Workmanship: Mad Madame M’s Marvelous Machine, by Margaret Gentile
    • Nail Work, Master: Prince Zuko of the Fire, by Torrey Stenmark
    • Mechanical Work, Master: Leather Sole Airship Pirates, by Charles, Kendra, and Paul Wayman
    • Baby Prop, Master: Pleased to Meet You, by Leah Reed, Janet Catherine Johnston, Carol Botteron, Donald Eastlake 3, and Jill Eastlake
    • Spinning Wheel Prop, Master: Pleased to Meet You, by Leah Reed, Janet Catherine Johnston, Carol Botteron, Donald Eastlake 3, and Jill Eastlake
    • Hats, Master: Welcome to the Future
    • Best in Show, Workmanship, Master: Lady of the Lake, by Aurora Celeste

    DUFF Held Over

    Hold Over Funds won this year’s DUFF contents, meaning nobody will travel to Australia later this month for the National Convention. When DUFF administrators John Hertz and David Cake announced a call for candidates, many fans expressed concern that there wouldn’t be enough time between the voting deadline and the beginning of the Australian con to make plans for a trip and advocated voting for Hold Over Funds. One of the two candidates, Murray Moore announced that he desired to have his votes counted for Hold Over Funds.

    The final tally was
    Hold Over Funds: 38 NA votes + 19 ANZ
    Juanita Coulson: 24 NA votes + 1 ANZ
    Murray Moore: 11 NA votes + 2 ANZ

    DUFF Race Underway

    John Hertz and David Cake, the DUFF administrators, have announced that this year’s Down Under Fan Fund (DUFF) race is now open for voting. The winner (may) travel to Continuum in Melbourne, Australia from June 8-11. Due to the late announcement of the race, there is only a fifteen day voting window and many past DUFF administrators are advocating that people vote for Hold Over Funds, stating that a winner announced in early June would not have time to properly plan a trip or buy tickets at a reasonable rate. One of the candidates, Murray Moore, has stated his intention of not traveling to Australia if he wins.

    The candidates are:

    • Juanita Coulson
    • Murray Moore

    A DUFF ballot may be downloaded from TAFF. (pdf)

    DUFF Seeks Candidates

    The Down Under Fan Fund (DUFF) is looking for candidates for this year’s race to travel from North America to Australia to attend Continuum VIII in Melbourne from June 8-11, 2012. Candidates should contact either David Cake or John Hertz and have three North American nominators and two Australia/New Zealand nominators. Each candidate should also have a 100 word statement and be able to put up a $25 bond. The deadline for declaring candidacies is May 11. Send paper mail to John Hertz at 236 S. Coronado St., No. 409, Los Angeles, CA 90057, U.S.A. or Dave Cake at

    Yeung Wins CUFF

    Debra Yeung has been selected as this year’s CUFF delegate. She will travel westward to attend thie year’s Canvention, “When Worlds Collide,” in Calgary the weekend of August 10-12. Yeung defeated Jane Garthson, 29-12-1 to win this year’s Canadian United Fan Fund.

    For more information…

    Vote for Irish Series

    Irish television RTÉ is running its Storyland contest, allowing viewers to vote on webisodes of different series with the winner of each round of voting commissioned to make additional episodes, this year, one of the contestants, Victory, is a science fiction series.

    For more information…

    Hydra winner

    Christopher Kastensmidt’s The Elephant and Macaw Banner and Orson Scott Card’s Intergalactic Medicine Show have announced the winner of the Hydra Competition to find the best sf short story published in Brazil during 2009 and 2010. Brontops Baruq’s story “História com desenho e diálogo” was selected by Card and translated from Portuguese into English by Kastensmidt. It appears in the current issue of Orson Scott Card’s Intergalactic Medicine Show.

    For more information…

    Oddcon Writers Contest

    OdysseyCon has announced the fifth annual OddContest, looking for 500 words or less of speculative prose poetry or flash fiction. Stories are due by January 15, 2012. There is a $10 entry fee for adults older than 18. Youths younger than 18 on January 1, 2012 may submit one story without the entry fee. The 2012 final judge will be Terry Garey. Winning poems/stories will be read at OddCon, published in the program, and posted on the OdysseyCon site and the top three finishers will receive a collection of books.

    For more information…

    ISFiC Writers Contest Winner

    Mary Mascari won the ISFiC Writer’s Contest with her story “The Pod.” The contest is sponsored by ISFiC in conjunction with Windycon. Mascari won a membership at Windycon, room night, and $300. Her story was published in the con program book. This year’s contest was judged by Bill Fawcett, Roland Green, and Elizabeth Anne Hull. This is Mascari’s second ISFiC Writer’s Contest victory, joining previous two-time winners Richard Chwedyk and C.T. Fluhr.

    For more information…