First Fandom Awards

The First Fandom Awards were presented at Worldcon 75 on August 11 during the Hugo Ceremony.

  • First Fandom Hall of Fame Award: Les and Es Cole
  • First Fandom Posthumous Hall of Fame: Jim Harmon
  • Sam Moskowitz Archive Award: Jon Swartz

Obituary: Gregg Calkins

Fan Gregg Calkins died on August 5. Calkins was active in APAs and fanzines since the 1950s and had letters published in Astounding, Fantastic Story, Science Fiction Review, and other magazines. He published the poem “Poetry Leaflet” in Fanfare in 1958. He edited the fanzine OOPSLA and his fanzine The Rambling Fap was part of FAPA.

Ebert Inducted Into HOF

Roger Ebert, who is best known as a film critic, will be inducted into the Chicago Literary Hall of Fame on August 19. There ceremony will happen at the American Writers Museum at 180 N. Michigan Avenue in Chicago. Prior to becoming a professional film critic, Ebert was active in science fiction fandom, writing articles for various fanzines. His most recent fannish credit was the introduction to a hardcover collection of articles from the fanzine Xero.
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Obituary: Alan Dorey

British fan Alan Dorey (b.1958) died on July 24. Dorey was active in British fandom from the 1970s-80s. He co-edited several issues of Vector and was one of the eight founding editors of Interzone. He published a few stories in the fanzine Gross Encounters in 2012 under the names “Hank Frampson,” “G.K. Ballard,” and “Hyacinth Beckett.”

Obituary: Lee Henderson

Los Angeles fan Lee Henderson died on July 17 when a car he was working under fell on him. Henderson was active in LASFS and worked on Loscon managing the gaming room. His family is running a GoFundMe campaign to pay for funeral expenses.
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Obituary: Jordin Kare

Filker Jordin Kare (b.1956) died on July 19. In addition to his life in fandom, which included the release of the albums Fire in the Sky and Parody Violation, Kare worked as an aerospace engineer and was involved with the Clementine lunar mapping mission and developed the Sailbeam propulsion concept. Kare was a partner in Off Centaur Publications, the first publisher specializing in filk songbooks. Kare is survived by his wife, fan and con-runner Mary Kay Kare.

Obituary: Dwain Kaiser

Bookstore owner and LASFS member Dwain Kaiser (b.1947) was murdered on July 3 by a teenager who was living with Kaiser and his wife. Kaiser has been active in fandom since 1961 and founded the Las Vegas SF Society in 1963. He attended his first convention the following year. He opened Magic Door Used Books in 1967 and, although he closed it to return to college, he eventually opened three other stores called Magic Door, the most recent located in Pomona, CA. Kaiser edited several fanzines over his career, including Astron, Nimrod, Nonstop Fun Is Hard on the Heart, and No Time, No Energy & Not Much To Say. His wife, JoAnn, intends to keep the store open.

Obituary: Rodney Leighton

Canadian fan Rodney Leighton (b.1948) died on June 18. Leighton published several different fanzines, including Life of Rodney, The Mail Carrier Brought It, Rodney’s Fanac, and more. Leighton was also a letterhack. Living in a small town in Nova Scotia, Leighton maintained his fanac and pubbing using copy machines and typewriters, without access to the internet. Chuck Conner eventually began scanning Leighton’s fanzines to OCR and resetting them for the internet in 2006.

Obituary: Bob Beese

Chicago fan Bob Beese (b.1943) died on June 2 from an aortic aneurysm. Beese was active in Illinois fandom, regularly attending Windycon and Chambanacon, and often helped concoms behind the scene. He negotiated several Windycon hotel contracts and on at least one occasion, the hotel representative pleaded with the con not to include Beese in the negotiations. He was married with author P.J. Beese.

Obituary: Karen Davidson

Fan Karen Davidson (b.Karen Giglio, 1958) died on May 19 following a battle with cancer. Davidson’s first husband was Jeffrey Edwards, with whom she had two sons. While working as a production manager for Paintball News, she met Steve Davidson, whom she eventually married. Davidson supported her husband when he decided to revive Amazing Stories and served as the President of Experimenter Publishin Company, which has published Amazing Stories since its revival.