Hoyt Hospitalized

Author Sarah A. Hoyt was reportedly rushed to the ER on December 2 with a possible heart attack and is being kept in the hospital overnight for observation. Hoyt is the author of the Darkship series.

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Terry Jones Suffering from Aphasia

Former Monty Python member Terry Jones, who also co-directed Monty Python and the Holy Grail and directed Monty Python’s Life of Brian and The Meaning of Life, has been diagnosed with primary progressive aphasia. Because the disease impacts his ability to communicate, Jones is no longer giving interviews and may eventually lead to complete inability to speak. In addition to his work with Monty Python, Jones has written several documentaries and books on history as well as the novelization of Douglas Adams’s video game Starship Titanic.
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Space Travel Linked to Heart Disease

Research indicated that the Apollo astronauts, who are the only humans to travel beyond the protective magnetic shielding of Earth, have an increased level of death from cardiovascular problems compared to astronauts who have never flown in space or who have only flown in Low Earth Orbit. The study looked at the 24 Apollo astronauts (including those who died of cancer and accidents) and compared them to 70 other astronauts, divided equally between unflown and LEO astronauts.
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Silverberg Heart Attack

Robert Silverberg has reported that he suffered an heart attack on May 9 while visiting Siena, Italy. Silverberg has had surgery and returned home, where he is recuperating and expects a full recovery. He is currently planning on attending MidAmeriCon II, this year’s Worldcon.

Bud Webster Medical Fund

Author Bud Webster, who entered hospice care in December, has established a medical fund to help cover the mounting costs of his treatment. Marscon has established the fund to help Webster, who non-fiction has helped chronicle science fiction. In addition to his fiction and non-fiction, Webster has built the Author Estate project to help publishers and editors find the rights holders for various works.
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Hartwell Suffers Stroke

Tor editor David G. Hartwell suffered a stroke on the afternoon of January 19. He is currently in the hospital in critical condition.

Don Perlin Health Fundraiser

Comic artist Don Perlin has undergone several surgeries recently. Clifford Meth has begun a GoFundMe campaign to help Perlin cover costs. Perlin has worked on Werewolf by Night, The Defenders, and Ghost Rider for Marvel and has also worked for Valiant Comics.
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Byers Recovering

Fan Randy Byers is recovering at home after undergoing brain surgery to remove a tumor. Byers will receive further diagnosis of his tumors and whether or not additional treatment will be needed, in about a week. Byers is a 7-time FAAN Award winner, and a Hugo winner.

Pancake in Accident

Chicago area artist David Lee Pancake was in an accident on Saturday, November 14 as he was driving home from Windycon 42 for the evening. Pancake was injured and his car totaled. Pancake won Best in Show at the Windycon 42 art show earlier in the evening.

Purdom Hospitalized

Author Tom Purdom was hit by a bicycle on August 5 while walking along the Schuykill River Trail in Philadelphia. The collision left Purdom with spinal injuries; a concussion, an enormous bump on his forehead, two black eyes, and a paralyzed diaphragm. Purdom is recovering slowly.
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