Obituary: Susan Ann Protter

Agent Susan Ann Protter (b.1939) died on April 26. Protter began working for Harper before striking out as an independent literary agent. She has represented Rudy Rucker, Kathryn Cramer, Glenn Grant, and others.

Foy to Head Tor

Tom Doherty has announced that he will be moving into the role of Chairman of Tom Doherty Associates and Fritz Foy will take on the role of President and Publisher of Tom Doherty Associates, which inclues Tor, Orb, Forge, and other imprints. Foy has spent 21 years at Macmillan, most recently as Senior Vice President of Strategic Technology, as well as Publisher of
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Tachyon Launches Particle Books

Tachyon Publicationshas announced the launch of Particle Books, an e-book imprint, on February 27. The imprint will publish YA and adult science fiction, fantasy, horror, and thrillers.
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Dozois, Williams Receive Solstice Award

The Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America (SFWA) has announced that Gardner Dozois and Sheila Williams will receive the Kate Wilhelm Solstice Award to honor their editing careers in support of science fiction and fantasy. The award will be presented at the 53rd Annual Nebula Conference in Pittsburgh, PA, May 17th-20th, 2018.
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Obituary: Fred Bass

Bookseller Fred Bass (b.1928) died on January 3. Bass’s father opened The Strand Bookstore in 1927 and bass began working there in 1941, taking over the store in 1956 after he returned from the Korean War. He moved the store from its original location on Fourth Avenue to its current location. The store is co-owned by Bass’s daughter, Nancy Bass Wyden.

Galaxy Edge Sale

Publisher Shahid Mahmud announced in the Phoenix Pick January Newsletter that they will be offering Galaxy Edge for free on-line. The note stated that the expansion of free material was due to a cash infusion from various sources and also noted the “imminent sale” of [the Chinese language rights of the] magazine to a Chinese publisher.
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ETA: Clarification of sale of Chinese language rights based on statement from Mahmud.

Clarion Workshops Accepting Applications

The Clarion and Clarion West Writers Workshops are both accepting applications for their 2018 Summer Workshops. The Clarion Workshop runs from June 24 – August 4 and will feature Christopher Barzak, Holly Black, Mat Johnson, Kij Johnson, Kelly Link, and Gavin Grant. The Clarion West Workshop runs from June 17 – July 27 and will feature Daniel Abraham, Ken MacLeod, Yoon Ha Lee, Karen Lord, Karen Joy Fowler, and Ellen Datlow. The application deadline for both workshops is March 1.
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Kriesberg Fired

Andrew Kreisberg, a Producer on WB’s The Flash, Legends of Tomorrow, and Supergirl, has been fired following the investigation of sexual harassment complaints lodged against him by several women who worked on the shows. Three weeks after Mo Ryan reported on the charges, Warner Bros. Telvision Group has announced that Kreisberg was being terminated.
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Ragnarok Continues

Despite rumors that Ragnorak Publications would be closing its doors, Jeremy Mohler has announced the the publishing house will remain open, although they will be reassessing their position in the market. The new management team of Mohler and Alan Bahr has announced they will be cancelling all current novel contracts and pulling all books from publication. They will spend 2018 focusing on fixing internal problems they inherited and they will be splitting off Ragnarok (under Mohler) from Gallant Knight Games (under Bahr).
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Tolkien Resigns

Christopher Tolkien, son of J.R.R. Tolkien, has announced his resignation as director of the Tolkien Estate. His resignation paves the road for a change in management which may have been responsible for the sale of rights to Amazon announced earlier this week.
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