Latham Fired from Riverside

Rob Latham, who helped create the Science Fiction Studies program at the University of California-Riverside, has been dismissed despite holding tenure from the organization. An investigation into Latham began when he was accused of sexual harassment by a graduate student. The resulting investigation argued “strongly against a finding of sexual harassment,” however the university elected to remove Latham.

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Clarke Named Bulletin Editor

Cat Rambo has announced that Neil Clarke has been named editor of the SFWA Bulletin. Clarke is the Hugo and World Fantasy Award winning editor of Clarkesworld. Clarke has also been working as interim editor of the SFWA Bulletin since the departure of previous editor John Klima.

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Obituary: David G. Hartwell

Editor David G. Hartwell (b.1941) died on January 20 following a brain hemorrhage the day before. Hartwell served as an editor at Tor Books and at various times edited for several other publishers, including the creation of the Timescape line for Simon and Schuster. He was the publisher of The New York Review of Science Fiction and edited numerous anthologies, including Northern Stars, Northern Suns, Visions of Wonder, The Science Fiction Century, Ascent of Wonder, Space Opera Renaissance, and Ages of Wonder. His anthologies and the NYRSF often started industry-wide conversations. Hartwell was awarded three editing Hugos, two World Fantasy Awards, and was the Guest of Honor at the 2009 Worldcon, Anticipation. He was the founder and, for many years, the driving force behind the World Fantasy Con.

Hartwell Suffers Stroke

Tor editor David G. Hartwell suffered a stroke on the afternoon of January 19. He is currently in the hospital in critical condition.

Gallo Receives Gangel

Tor Creative Director Irene Gallo has received the Richard Gangel Art Director Award from the Society of Illustrators. The Richard Gangel Award was established in 2005 to honor art directors currently working in the field. The Society will be honoring Gallo at the Book and Editorial Opening Reception on Friday, February 5th.

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Tilton Resigns from Locus

Lois Tilton has announced that she will no longer be reviewing short fiction at Locus Online stating “Without consulting or informing me, they had begun deleting material they considered negative from my reviews.” Locus has responded that they were changing the was “editing future online review columns was to be managed” to bring them into line with the way print reviews are edited at the magazine. Tilton has published 205 review columns on Locus Online. Closing Unsolicited Submissions has announced that it will no longer accept unsolicited short story submissions for the website effective January 7. Although they note that they have found some wonderful stories in the slush pile, the feeling seems to be that the signal to noise ratio is not worth the effort.
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Newitz Leaves io9

Annalee Newitz, one of the founders of io9, has announced that November 30 is her final day at the website. Newitz helped found io9 with Charlie Jane Anders in 2008 and has been running the website since, taking on the position as Gizmodo editor in January of this year. Newitz is leaving to take on the role of tech culture editor at Ars Technica.
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Orbit Increases Schedule

Orbit has announced that they will increase their US science fiction publishing schedule beginning in 2016. The increase means the company will publish 90 new science fiction titles each year. Orbit entered the US science fiction market in 2008 and the new schedule is a 50% increase over what they have been publishing.

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John Joseph Adams Books

Houghton Mifflin Harcourt has announced a new imprint named for editor John Joseph Adams. The new imprint will launch in February 2016 with the release of three Hugh Howey backlist novels. Adams is the editor of Lightspeed and Nightmare, as well as numerous original anthologies. Although the line will launch with a series of reprints, Adams will be publishing original novels as well.