Amazing to Hold Kickstarter

Steve Davidson has announced that Amazing Stories will launch a Kickstarter on March 1 to raise funds to relaunch Amazing as a print fiction magazine with the first issue to be released at Worldcon 76 in San Jose.
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Galaxy Edge Sale

Publisher Shahid Mahmud announced in the Phoenix Pick January Newsletter that they will be offering Galaxy Edge for free on-line. The note stated that the expansion of free material was due to a cash infusion from various sources and also noted the “imminent sale” of [the Chinese language rights of the] magazine to a Chinese publisher.
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ETA: Clarification of sale of Chinese language rights based on statement from Mahmud.

Apex Going to Print

Publisher Jason Sizemore has announced that beginning with the January 2018 issue, Apex Magazine will be available via print-on-demand for those who would like hardcopies of the magazine. The hardcopies will be available through Amazon for between $6 and $8 about a week after the e-editions will be made available.
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Pulphouse Returns

Kristine Kathryn Rusch and Dean Wesley Smith have announced that Pulphouse Magazine will return after a hiatus of 21 years. The original Pulphouse had an ambitious weekly publication schedule which it never quite met. The revived Pulphouse, which is scheduled to begin publication in 2018, will be published on a quarterly schedule.
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OMNI Acquired by Penthouse

OMNI Magazine has been acquired by Penthouse Global Media. OMNI was original founded by Penthouse founder Bob Guccione and his wife, Kathy Keeton. OMNI is currently edited by Pamela Weintraub and a print edition is scheduled to appear in late October.
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Uncanny Launched Kickstarter for Disabled People Destroy Science Fiction

Uncanny magazine has announced a Kickstarter to fund a special double issue for Disabled People Destroy Science Fiction, a continuation of the “Destroy Science Fiction” series begun by Lightspeed magazine. The Kickstarter will run from July 24 and August 23. The issue will be edited by Dominik Parisien and Elsa Sjunneson-Henry with Parisien handling fiction and Sjunneson-Henry handling non-fiction.

Dell Magazine Awards

Dell Magazine gave out their annual awards in Pittsburgh during the 2017 SFWA Nebula Conference.

Analystical Laboratory (AnLab) Winners

  • Best Novella: “The Coward’s Option,” by Adam-Troy Castro
  • Best Novelette: “Detroit Hammersmith: Zero-Gravity Toilet Repairman [Retired],” by Suzanne Palmer
  • Best Short Story: “In the Absence of Instructions to the Contrary,” by Frank Wu
  • Best Fact Article: “Energy for the Future,” by Richard A. Lovett
  • Best Poem: “somebody I Used to Love Asks Me Who Marie Curie Is,” by Carly Rubin
  • Best Cover: December 2016, by Vincent diFate

Asimov’s Readers’ Award Winners

  • Best Novella: “Lazy Dog Out,” by Suzanne Palmer
  • Best Novelette: “I Married a Monster from Outer Space,” by Dale Bailey
  • Best Short Story: (tie) “The Mutants Men Don’t See,” by James Alan Gardner; “All That Robot…,” by Rich Larson
  • Best Poem: “After,” by Herb Kauderer
  • Best Cover: Donato Giancola

Obituary: Karen Davidson

Fan Karen Davidson (b.Karen Giglio, 1958) died on May 19 following a battle with cancer. Davidson’s first husband was Jeffrey Edwards, with whom she had two sons. While working as a production manager for Paintball News, she met Steve Davidson, whom she eventually married. Davidson supported her husband when he decided to revive Amazing Stories and served as the President of Experimenter Publishin Company, which has published Amazing Stories since its revival.

Anathema Launches

Anathema, an on-line magazine spotlighting science fiction by queer people of color, has published its first issue. The magazine aims to publish three times a year. The first issue contains stories by S. Qiouyi Lu, Tony Pi, Ayodele Olofintuade, Brent Lambert, and Stephanie Chan.

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Changes at Strange Horizons

Niall Harrison has announced that he will be stepping down as Editor-in-Chief of Strange Horizons, a role he took on in 2011. Jane Crowley and Kate Dollarhyde will be taking over the duties as Editors-in-Chief effective April 3, 2017. Both joined the magazine in 2016 as Associate Editors and they have curated several special issues and have overseen the launch of Strange Horizon‘s sister magazine, Samovar.
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