SF Signal Closing

John DeNardo and JP Frantz have announced that after 13 years, Hugo Award winning website SF Signal will cease publication. They explained that the website has begun to take up more and more of their time and they decided to step back to spend more time with their families and in other pursuits. THe current website will remain in place through the beginning of June, at which time they hope to move the archives to a different hosting service.
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The Dark Goes Monthly

Sean Wallace has announced the the dark fantasy magazine The Dark will shift to a monthly schedule beginning with the May 2016 issue.
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Amazing Stories Returns to Print

Steve Davidson has announced that later this year Amazing Stories will return to a print format. The initial issue will feature the winners of the short story contest run last year as well as non-fiction articles. Davidson expect regular publication of the magazine to begin in 2017.
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Galaktika Accused of Piracy

Pintér Bence has published an article claiming that the Hungarian magazine Galaktika has been pirating nearly all of its foreign language content. According to Bence, a study of the magazine’s table of contents reveals that with one exception any foreign works were taken from Clarkesworld, Strange Horizons, Lightspeed, Tor.com, or Popular Science. None of the authors whose work reappeared in Galaktika had granted permission or been paid for the publication of their work.
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Amazing Stories Licensing Deal

Steve Davidson has announced that the Experimenter Publishing Company has signed a licensing deal for the title Amazing Stories with NBC/Universal Studios. A previous licensing deal for the title Amazing Stories led to a two season television series and a feature film.

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Call For Papers: Spanish SF

Science Fiction Studies has issued a call for papers for a monographic issue on Spanish SF, edited by guest editors Sara Martín and Fernando Ángel Moreno. While all topics on Spanish SF will be considered, the editors are particularly interested in articles dealing with writers Gabriel Bermúdez Castillo, Rafael Marín, Rodolfo Martínez, or Javier Negrete and with SF women writers (excluding Elia Barceló). All submission should be in English, with abstracts due by March 30 and complete papers by 1 September.
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Asimov’s Reader Poll Finalists

Asimov’s has announced the finalists for their thirtieth annual reader’s poll and invites readers to read the stories. The winners will be announced the weekend of May 12-15 at the SFWA Nebula Conference in Chicago. Editor Sheila Williams notes that they intend to make the finalists available on-line each year from now on.


  • “Lock Up Your Chickens and Daughters -H’ard and Andy Are Come to Town!,” by Michael Swanwick & Gregory Frost
  • “The Great Pan American Airship Mystery, Or, Why I Murdered Robert Benchley,” by David Gerrold
  • “The Molenstraat Music Festival,” by Sean Monaghan
  • “Our Lady of the Open Road,” by Sarah Pinsker
  • “The End of War,” by Django Wexler


  • “The Four Thousand, The Eight Hundred,” by Greg Egan
  • “The New Mother,” by Eugene Fischer
  • “A Thousand Nights Till Morning,” by Will McIntosh
  • “Inhuman Garbage,” by Kristine Kathryn Rusch
  • “The Long Wait,” by Allen M Steele
  • “On the Night of the Robo-Bulls and Zombie Dancers,” by Nick Wolven

Short Stories

  • “My Time on Earth,” by Ian Creasey
  • “Calved,” by Sam J Miller
  • “Tuesdays,” by Suzanne Palmer
  • “The First Step,” by Kristine Kathryn Rusch
  • “Ninety-five Percent Save,” by Caroline M Yoachim
  • “What I Intend,” by Robert Reed


  • “1,230 Grams of Einstein,” by Robert Frazier
  • “Basement Refrigerator—after Thomas Lux,” by Joshua Gage
  • “Love and the Moon,” by Geoffrey A. Landis
  • “October Leaves,” by Suzanne Palmer
  • “The Circulatory Man,” by James Valvis

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Journal of Science Fiction Debuts

The Museum of Science Fiction has debuted the first issue of its scholarly journal, Journal of Science Fiction. The first issue includes articles about Dune, Indian science fiction, science fiction by women, and Paolo Bacigalupi’s fiction.

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Clarke Named Bulletin Editor

Cat Rambo has announced that Neil Clarke has been named editor of the SFWA Bulletin. Clarke is the Hugo and World Fantasy Award winning editor of Clarkesworld. Clarke has also been working as interim editor of the SFWA Bulletin since the departure of previous editor John Klima.

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Obituary: Kathleen A. Bellamy

Kathleen A. Bellamy (b.1957) died on December 19. Bellamy served as the Managing Editor for Orson Scott Card’s Intergalactic Medicine Show. Bellamy was also involved in the magazine’s slush reading process.