Obituary: Frank Buxton

Director and actor Frank Buxton (b.1930) died on January 2. Buxton did quite a bit of voicework for animation, including creating the character Batfink. He wrote several episodes of The Odd Couple and Happy Days and directed both of those shows as well as episodes of Mork and Mindy.

Obituary: Jon Paul Steuer

Actor Jon Paul Steuer (b.1984) died on January 2. Steuer began acting when he was 4, appearing in Star Trek: The Next Generation as Alexander Rozhenko. He retired from acting when he was 12 after starring in Grace Under Fire and as an adult performed with bands Soda Pop Kids and P.R.O.B.L.E.M.S. using the name Jonny P. Jewels.

Obituary: Dominic Frontiere

Composer Dominic Frontiere (b.1931) died on December 21. Frontiere composed theme music for television shows The Flying Nun, The Invaders, and The Outer Limits.

Obituary: Alfie Curtis

Actor Alfie Curtis (b.1930) died on December 25. Curtis appeared in an episode of the proto-steampunk television series Q.E.D. and the film The Elephant Man. His most recognizable role, however, was as Cornelius Evazan, the drunk in Mos Eisely who threatens Luke, in Star Wars.

Obituary: Jim Nabors

Actor Jim Nabors (b.1930) died on November 30. Best known for playing Gomer Pyle on The Andy Griffith Show and Gomer Pyle: USMC, he also starred in the Saturday morning children’s show The Lost Saucer with Ruth Buzzi. He also made appearances in an episode of Knight Rider and provided voicework for Off to See the Wizard.

Kriesberg Fired

Andrew Kreisberg, a Producer on WB’s The Flash, Legends of Tomorrow, and Supergirl, has been fired following the investigation of sexual harassment complaints lodged against him by several women who worked on the shows. Three weeks after Mo Ryan reported on the charges, Warner Bros. Telvision Group has announced that Kreisberg was being terminated.
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Obituary: Rance Howard

Actor Rance Howard (b.1928) died on November 25. Howard, the father of actors Ron and Clint Howard, appeared on The X-Files, Quantum Leap, and Babylon 5, where he played Sheridan’s father. His films included Mars Attacks!, Innerspace, and Cocoon.

Obituary: Anthony Harvey

Director Anthony Harvey (b.1931) died on November 23. Harvey is best known as the director of The Lion in Winter, for which he was nominated for the Oscar. He also worked as a film editor, working on Dr. Strangelove or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb.

Obituary: Julio Oscar Mechoso

Actor Julio Oscar Mechoso (b.1955) died on November 25. Mechoso appeared in Jurassic Park III, The Legend of Zorro, Planet Terror. He appeared in episodes of Quantum Leap and Flashforward.

Game of Thrones Hacker

Behzad Mesri has been charged with various counts of computer fraud, as well as wire fraud, interstate transmission of an extortionate communication, and aggravated identity theft as a result of hacking HBO’s servers and stealing and releasing episode of Game of Thrones early. Although he has been indicted, Mesri, who is Iranian, is not currently in custody.
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