Obituary: Christopher Rush

Artist Christopher Rush (b.1965) died on February 10. Much of Rush’s work was created for the gaming industry and his art adorned many early Magic: The Gathering card. Rush also helped market early versions of the game. Rush was one of the few non-Japanese artist to work on Pok√©mon cards.

Obituary: Mark Justice

Author Mark Justice died on February 10. Justice began publishing in 2004 with the story “The Day After the End of the World.” He has written the novel The Dead Sheriff: Zombie Damnation and, in collaboration with David T. Wilbanks, the Dead Earth series. He co-edited the anthology Appalachian Winter Hauntings with Michael Knost.

Obituary: Wayne England

Artist Wayne England died on February 9. Much of England’s work was created for the gaming industry and his art adorned works for Warhammer, Dungeons & Dragons, and Magic: The Gathering.

Obituary: Henry S. F. Cooper, Jr.

Author Henry S. F. Cooper, Jr. (b.1933) died on January 31. Cooper was a journalist who covered the Apollo program, writing Thirteen: The Apollo Flight That Failed and Apollo on the Moon. Cooper was the great-nth grandson of James Fennimore Cooper.

Obituary: Daniel Gerson

Screenwriter Daniel Gerson (b.1966) died on February 6. Gerson wrote the screenplays for Disney and Pixar films Monsters, Inc., Monsters University, and Big Hero 6. He also worked on Chicken Little and the television show The New Addams Family.

Obituary: David Lake

Author David Lake (b.1929) died on January 31. Lake began publishing in 1976 with the novel Walkers on the Sky and went on to publish several novels, including two sequels to H. G. Well’s The Time Machine, as well as a non-fiction book about Wells and short stories. Lake won three Ditmars for Walker on the Sky, The Man Who Loved Morlocks, and “The Truth About Weena.” “The Truth About Weena” also won the Aurealis Award.

Obituary: Edgar Mitchell

Astronaut Edgar Mitchell (b.1930) died on February 4. Mitchell was the last surviving member of the Apollo 14 lunar mission and died the day before the 45th anniversary of his lunar landing. Mitchell was also involved with paranormal research and conducted some ESP experiments while on his flight back to Earth. He also believed that UFOs had visited Earth.

Obituary: Kristin Miller

Actress Kristin Miller (b.Jacqueline Olivia Eskeson, 1925) died in late 2015. Miller is best known for appearances in Too Late for Tears and Jungle Patrol. Her genre credits include four episodes of the anthology television series Science Fiction Theater.

Obituary: Jon P. Ogden

Fan Jon P. Ogden (b.1944) died on January 27. Ogden was an active Heinlein fan and a member of the Heinlein Society. In 1981, his poem “I Ain’t Too Dumb to Care” was published in Asimov’s.

Obituary: Joe Alaskey

Voice actor Joe Alaskey (b.1952) died on February 3. Alaskey is best known for voicing many of the Warner Brothers cartoon characters following Mel Blanc’s death. He also did voice work for the animated Back to the Future, Buzz Lightyear of Star Command, Men in Black: The Series, and Extreme Ghostbusters, among others.