Chicon 7 Art Show Results

Chicon 7 presented the following awards for works depicted in the art show, including a Jane Frank Guest of Honor’s Choice Award. Artist Guest of Honor Rowena Morrill, was unable to attend the convention, but was represented by her partner and her sister. Richard Hescox’s piece is included in the Chicon 7 Artist Showcase, which was for sale at the convention. Copies of the 52 page book should continue to be available from Offworld Designs.

Judges’ Awards

  • Abrisonde, by Tom Kidd
  • Siege Turtle Catapult, by Butch Honeck
  • Body of Work, by Elizabeth Berrien
  • Cylinders, by Jean-Pierre Normand
  • Sky Course Rivalry, by Mitchell Bentley
  • Heart of Atlantis, by Richard Hescox
  • Jupiter from Io, by delphyne woods
  • Primeval, by Caroline Nicita
  • The Jane Frank Guest of Honor’s Choice Award: Permette Signorina, by Rowena
  • The Lewis Grant Jr. Fan Choice Award: Entwife, Tree Spirit, by Elizabeth Berrien
  • Aussiecon 4 Art Show Awards

    Aussiecon 4 has announced the winners of the Art Show Awards for this year’s Worldcon.

    • Best SF: Sky Burial #1, by Wayne Haag
    • Most Humorous: Sales Pitch, by Kathleen Jennings
    • Most Stylish: SF Adventure, by Naoyuki Katoh
    • Best 3D: Mask of Odin, by Annette Schneider
    • Best Miniature: T Is for Trilobite, by Marilyn Pride
    • Special Award for Excellence in Overall Body of Work: Shaun Tan