Spectrum Art Winners

The winners of the annual Spectrum Art Awards were announced in Kansas City, MO on March 12. All the winners will be published later this year in Spectrum 18: The Best in Contemporary Fantastic Art as well works by this year’s Grand Master, who will be announced later.


  • Gold: “Narco Americano,” by Ryohei Hase
  • Silver: “The Fisherman’s Wife,” by Sam Weber


  • Gold: “God’s War,” by David Palumbo
  • Silver: “I Was a White Trash Zombie,” by Dan Dos Santos


  • Gold: “A Flight of Angels,” by Rebecca Guay
  • Silver: “Fables #96 Cover,” by Joao Ruas
  • Silver: “Sleep,” by David Palumbo

Concept Art

  • Gold: “Riven Earth,” by Kekai Kotaki
  • Silver: “Legends of Norrath Elemental Pact,” by Tomasz Jedruszek


  • Gold: “Giant Fisherman,” by David Meng
  • Silver: “Wind Messenger,” by Akihito


  • Gold: “Share One Planet,” by Android Jones
  • Silver: “Redd Wing,” by Brom


  • Gold: “Knight March,” by Richard Anderson
  • Silver: “Mind Machine,” by Donato Giancola


  • Gold: “Pandora,” by Rebecca Guay
  • Silver: “Tigers Have Striped Skin, Not Just Striped Fur,” by Scott Brundage
  • Silver: “White Heat,” by J.S. Rossbach

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Art Display at Northwestern

Northwestern University’s Charles Deering Library in Evanston, IL, will be hosting a display of science fiction artwork from March 2 – June 30, 2009. The exhibit includes work by Chesley Bonestell, Richard Powers, Kelly Freas, and Ed Emshwiller. In addition to the hanging art, the display includes an interactive computer terminal.

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Spectrum Awards

The winners of the annual Spectrum Awards to recognize excellence in speculative fiction art have been announced. The winners will be published in the annual Spectrum collection later this year.


  • Gold Award: Ryohei Hase (“Go Forward and Forward”/ client: Fightstar/Raw Power Management)
  • Silver Award: Yuko Shimizu (“Little Red Polka Dots and Other Stories” /client: Microsoft UltimatePC)


  • Gold Award: Petar MEesedzija (illustration for The Legend of Steel Bashaw / client: Zmaj, Novi Sad)
  • Silver Award: Jean-Baptiste Monge (“Dunlee Darnan” / client: Au Bord des Continents…)


  • Gold Award: Jon Foster (cover to Buffy the Vampire Slayer #14 / client: Dark Horse Comics)
  • Silver Award: Aleksi Briclot (“Annihilation: Conquest #5” / client: Marvel Entertainment, Inc.)


  • Gold Award: Daniel Dociu (“Mole Tunnels” / client: ArenaNet/Guildwars)
  • Silver Award: Kekai Kotaki (“Snow Battle” / client: ArenaNet/Guildwars)


  • Gold Award: Akhito (“Elegant Medusa” / resin)
  • Silver Award: David Meng (“Satyr’s Head” / polymer clay)


  • Gold Award: Craig Elliott (“Damali Richards” / client: Devil’s Candy Store
  • Silver Award: Nate van Dyke (“Pool Hall Brawl” / client: Juxtapoz Magazine)


  • Gold Award: James Gurney (“Song In the Garden” / client: Maison D’Ailleurs)
  • Silver Award: Jaime Jones (“Progenitus” / client: Wizards of the Coast)


  • Gold Award: Jeremy Enecio (“Koi”)
  • Silver Award: David Laub (“She’s Back”)

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