Obituary: Didier Comès

Belgian comics artist Didier Comès (b.1958, Dieter Hermann Comès) died on March 7. Comès debuted the comic strip “Hermann” in 1969 in the newspaper Le Soir. He began publishing the story Ergün l’errant in 1973 in the French magazine Pilote and went on to create Silence, about a mute and deaf boy’s adventures in World War I. He received the Prix Saint-Miche twice.

Obituary: Alain Le Bussy

Belgian author and fan Alain Le Bussy (b.1947) died on October 14 from complications following throat surgery. Le Bussy was the editor of the fanzine Xuensè and was active in convention running. He wrote more than thirty novels and had two series, the “Aqualia” and the “Yorg” series. His novel Deltas received the Prix Rosny-Aîné in 1993 and in 1995, he was inducted into the European Science Fiction Society Hall of Fame.