More Worldcon Business

At the Second Business Meeting, several more amendments passed on from MidAmeriCon were debated, with two items being ratified and two failing to be ratified.



  • Best Series: Permanently adds the Best Series Hugo Award.

  • Defining North America: Provides a specific definition of North America



  • Three Stage Voting (3SV): The addition of a third phase before final nominations are announced allowing members to reject works with a supermajority.

  • EPH+: A change to the vote calculations during the nomination round for EPH

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Ratified Business

Three pieces of business passed at MidAmeriCon II last year received their ratification at Worldcon 75 in Helsinki on Friday. The Young Adult fiction award was created, “December Is Good Enough,” which states that the deadline for nomination works for the Hugo should be moved to December 31 instead of January 31 passed, and “Two Years Are Enough,” which limits the nominations of the Hugo to members of the current or preceding Worldcon all passed, although Worldcon 76 is grandfathered in to the current three year nominating pool. Other business for ratification has been postponed until the Saturday Business Meeting.
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WSFS Ratification

WSFS, the World Science Fiction Society, is the governing body for Worldcon and its membership is made up all all members of the current Worldcon, this year, Loncon 3. The following agenda items received second passage this year after initial passage at LoneStarCon 3 and will now be part of the WSFS Constitution.

  1. Two-Thirds Is Good Enough, Part 1: replaces 2/3 with 3/4 to make objection to consideration more difficult to pass.
  2. Two-Thirds Is Good Enough, Part 2: replaces 2/3 with 3/4 to make objection to consideration more difficult to pass.
  3. A Matter of Trust: electronic documents need no longer be opt-in.
  4. WSFS Accountability Act of 2013: all financial reports submitted include information about the organization that sponsored the original event
  5. Best Fan Artist: Specifies types of non-professional display
  6. In the Zone: Removes geographic references for MPC membership
  7. We Don’t Need Another HEROW: Permanently bestows Hugo eligibility extended status to works not originally published in the US.

Six pieces of new business were introduced, with two of them, one extending the right to nominate for the Hugos to NASFiC members, the other to create a fan performers’ Hugo, failed to pass. The four pieces of new business which passed and will need to be ratified at Sasquan in 2015 are:

  1. Popular Ratification: requires full Worldcon membership to ratify changes following second passage at a Worldcon business meeting.
  2. A Story by Any Other Name: specifying that the fiction categories are open to audiobooks and e-books as well as traditionally published fiction.
  3. Hugo Finalists: reserving the title of finalist for those shortlisted for the Hugo Award.
  4. Membership Types and Rates: Specified that voting rights needed to be tied to membership rates at a specific level.

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Business passed on from LoneStarCon 3.

WSFS Business Meetings

The WSFS held its annual business meetings at Anticipation in Montreal. Motions to formally recognize Peter Weston’s contribution to the design of the Hugo Award, include language on the eligibility of electronic publications, and to make the Graphic Story Hugo a permanent category all passed, with the last needing additional ratification in 2012. A motion to abolish the Best Semi-prozine category failed ratification and resulted in a committee, headed by Chris Barkley, to examine the category and propose clarifying language. Barkley’s committee was also tasked with exploring how changes to the Semi-prozine category could also impact other categories.